Arthur Russell – The Platform On The Ocean


The mighty, diverse and prolific Arthur Russell always reminds me of Silver Apples, and visa versa, with crazy sound scapes, drugged up pulsing rhythms and strange dreamy vocals. I really love Arthur Russells voice, it has an amazing effect on me. This track contains everything i want from a track, its experimental, its got tight yet quirky beats, the simple bongo adds an unexpected twist and the synth is so dirty, yet so clean… ahhh, sit back while the music moves around your head.

Arthur Russell – The Platform On The Ocean

Also decided to throw this gem into the hot pot, ‘In the Light of the Miracle’  was finally properly released on The World of Arthur Russell album, previously very hard to come by being only pressed on white label. It highlights Russell’s diversity, having a more housey vibe and still containing all the personal touches that we love. All of his productions have the ability to encapsulate the listener weather they be disco, soul, jazz, drug beats or everything else you can dream up.

Arthur Russell – In the Light of the Miracle



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