London’s Nang boys have hit us up with a mix of nice summer vibes and perfect cosmic beach anthems, we have been vibing of most of these tunes for the last year or so so this came as delight when we found it in our inbox. DJ’s in the Sky have mixed a collection of elegantly pulsing, occasionally synapse stroking tunes for your aural pleasure. Here are the guys to talk you through the mix;

Things get off to a literal start as Max Essa’s ‘Back to the Beach’ floats in on a sunny cloud of Balearic riffs and neat basslines and Scandinavian head, Dolle Jolle, keeps things thematic with the classy ‘Balearic Incarnation’ before newly arrived premier league player, Tensnake, takes the mix on a bit of a detour with the Chicago flavours of the awesome ‘Holding Back (My Love)’.

From then on a deep and groovy enveloping feel, central to any proper beach disco session, remains but different musical angles are explored throughout. Red Rack’em gets his chunky Detroit inspired funk on, Todd Terje turns Chaz Jankel’s ‘Glad to Know You’ into a piano driven treat and Bogdan Irkuk brings Eastern European machine funk to the party.

Smith & Mudd sample ‘Air’ to mesmerizing effect, the Diaphanoids provide the kind of sparkling, chugging, spacey backdrop that makes such perfect sense under the stars on balmy nights and A Mountain Of One close the party in the dunes in the way bearded guardians of the Balearic flame should – sounding like an epic, blissed out Floyd drifting away over the embers of the dying fire, another summers day and night lived to the full.

A full compilation of these unmixed tracks, and a full quality mix is out 26th July, on Nang Records

1. Back To The Beach
2. Holding Back (My Love)
3. Favourite Effects
4. Glad To Know You [Todd Terje Re-Edit]
5. Flying Nightmare [Acos Coolkas Remix]
6. Love Honey [Ilya Santana Remix]
7. White Russian [Lazy Summer] [Loveunlimited Version]
8. Weightlessmotionless
9. Pionir [Lusty Zanzibar Remix]
10. Caprice [Original Mix]
11. Chemise
12. Shulme
13. Lie Awake [Original]




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