Bicep – 313


Finally our plastic homage to Detroit has hit the shelves. BUY BUY BUY. Have a listen, we hope you like it. Instead of describe the track for you we thought it may be better to give you an insight into the production.

Bicep – 313

BICEP | 313

‘313’ was basically a melody I recorded of my laptop, my neighbour was getting his Jazz on, so I stuck the mic up to the wall and clicked record. **Note: he will have no credits on the sleeve- His dog shits all over my steps**. We knew the claps were a fundamental part of the track so to add some realism, we set off to Dalston market- inspired by stories of Marshall Jefferson hiring 15 people for the claps on his tunes when he played live. Instead of forming an alliance with the common people we stocked up on meat and what a fine selection there was on offer. On returning to the studio we took turns recording and slapping each other with various types of beef and fish- finally we layered these sounds to give this ‘Real‘ meat thing in action. The chatting you can hear around the start was recorded of my phone while in the waiting room of a very lively brothel, all I can say is that the recording got a little messy towards the end.

Bicep – Winter


‘Winter’ was just a demo song on our DAW, cant believe people didn’t pick up on this one ;)

Hope this gave you a brief insight into the lengths we take in the strive for perfection! And perfection it is.

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