Black Meteoric Star – Death Tunnel / Dreamcatcher

DFA did us all a favour and committed ‘Death Tunnel’ to vinyl. This track have been recorded onto analog tape hence the hiss, but that only adds to the mystique and atmosphere of the vibe, which attempts to channel the live and intuitive spirits of Ron Hardy or Adonis’ box jamming Chicago sessions with the fiercely linear constructions of Unit Moebius’ freak-gang acid house. Gavin Russom largely made his own specialised circuit setup for the recordings, and with a little help from the 707 drumbox he’s made an authentically raw tribute to the original box bangers. Big tip!

Rough and Raw!


I’ve included a full preview of the album track ‘Dreamcatcher’, as heard on BIS, its a slow burning dark cosmic affair, which should destroy a few floors alright!

Death Tunnel




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