Burial – South London Boroughs

Hate the word “dubstep”, it makes me think of cheesy electro house wobbly bottom beats. For me I like the top ends, the shuffling aspect of tunes in this dub, dub techno, dub- whatever the fuck genre…There is some great tunes out there with tones of producers creating and improvising to great effect, but in my opinion there is no one better than Burial. I have loved all of his productions, with this EP one of many highlights. His style is very crossover friendly and so a lot of people can relate to it. South London Boroughs actually reminded me of  Kenlou- the Bounce (one of my favorite tunes), when I heard it for the first time.

Burial- South London Boroughs

The EP is definatly worth purchasing, this is only one of he great tunes on it, grab it HERE!!



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