Cos/Mes – Ramp


COS/MES comprises of Tokyo DJ’s Flatic and 5ive, they were on beats in space a couple of weeks ago- so you are probs quite familiar with their stuff. The duo is widely regarded as one of Japan’s most exciting up and coming disco acts with their unique psychedelic take on disco. After their BIS mix I wanted some of their tracks but noticed hardly any of it was distributed in Europe. Eventually i got a copy of their debut album “Sadistic Skatepark” after a crazy ebay hunt…it was worth the digg. Here is ‘Ramp’, a really melodic track that reminds me of some 80s experimental psy rock- which makes for excellent driving music. Pick up your slice of cosmic groove HERE, yes you can get it in the UK now! boom.

Cos/Mes – Ramp

no download, sorry, get it there! support these guys over here so we can get more of their shiz

Also big probs to OKI-NI for going out there and stocking this stuff.



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