Da Posse – In The Heat of The Night (Acid Mix)


“Here’s another nice acid tune with a female vocal, this time the vocalist is singing (in a totally different key to the 303) about… you guessed it, acid house. Da Posse was a group of four people including Maurice and Hula, both of whom released some serious solo jams. “In The Heat Of The Night” features a few different contrasting acid lines, and the drums are enhanced with some nice TR727 latin percussion sounds, and it’s their best acid track, although “Searchin’ Hard” comes a reasonably close second. They also did a few non-acid house tracks that are great as well as some terribly misguided attempts at RnB pop vocals”…Thanks Fact Mag for this review, saved me some time there!

Da Posse – In The Heat of The Night (Acid Mix)



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