DATA Is a british synthpopband that released three original albums; “Opera Electronica” in 1981, “2-Time” in 1983 and “Elegant Machinery” in 1985. A compilation called “Accumulator” was released in 1995 by Eternity Records containing the complete albums “2-Time” and “Elegant Machinery,” and the track “Fallout” from their first album “Opera Electronica.” Data was inspired by machinist and bauhaus movements and of their contemporary cabaret music of the 20s and 30s. Lyrically they were satirical for their first two albums, turning somewhat more romantic/light entertainment/dance to their last.

Frontman Georg Kajanus (originally Hultgren, of norwegian ancestry) previously played in angloscandinavian electro-rock band Eclecticon and as keyboardist/composer in the 70s rockband Sailor. In the late 90s Georg returned to Sailor for several live performances. Other members of Data were the sisters Frankie & Phil Boulter, of who only Frankie remained in the band for the last album Elegant Machinery.

This tune was included in Metro Area’s fabric cd and also on DJ Harvey’s recent Beats in Sapce mix!

Data- Blow (rapidshare)



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