DISCO 3000 | DISCO 3000

This is Disco 3000’s new podcast mix, not really to sure on this one, seems like an eletrco dj’s decided to jump on the disco bandwagon (which is exactly what it is, as it is Erol Alkan’s alter ego)…..its seems to be all style and no substance. saying that, its been very popular!……possibly only with the sorta people who watch Skins *pukes on pet cat*…..But i’ve decided to stick it up anyway and let you make up you own mind.

All said, the idea is impressive. basically Erol has a constant drum machine running throughout most of the mix and a synth to get some cosmic effects, he quickly mixes in and out lots of tracks on 2 1210’s. nice rough and ready feel, but the tempo seems a little too fast and there is lots of djm800 effects used, which basically go against all things disco! We will rarely put up stuff that we  don’t 100% love, but this is an exception.

No tracklisting available.  


DISCO 3000 -DISCO 3000



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