Diskjokke- Cearadactylus


This is one of my favorite releases this year, tis a proper chugger!

As the full pupp crew put it…”Welcome back Diskjokke to the motherpupp after a successful run of releases on Smalltown Supersound and Kindisch. 2008 was a hectic year for Joachim, putting together his live band, doing remixes for Metronomy, Foals and Lykke Li to name a few and spreading melodic, trance-inducing feel good disko gospel around the world. “Asa Nisi Masa” has been causing much mayhem the last 12 months, even causing girls to offer me services I won’t mention here. Wibbly wobbly arpeggios massaging your buttocks. Very, very rude indeed as already showcased on the Full Pupp/Greatest Tits Compilation, “Cearadactylus” is definitely a different kind of beast. Slow and chugging along at a tempo even fit for dinosaurs.”

buy HERE

Don’t be a wank and play this 128 version out! please!

Diskjokke- Cearadactylus



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