We caught up with co-found of the Get Physical label, DJ T in anticipation of his latest Fabric release, to ask a couple of questions of what exactly goes into that ‘deep’ record bag.

First track you remember got you hooked on Disco or House music?

I Feel Love” by Donna Summer. If I remember right, I heard this on the radio when I was eight, in 1977, and it is still one of my all-time favourites.

Is there a track you consistently rely on to jack the party?

“You Can’t Stop The House” by DJ David X.

A track you love but has a habit of clearing a dance-floor?

Almost all versions of the almost forgotten classic “Set It Off” tend to do the trick.

Have you got any Guilty Pleasure tracks?

Azari & III – Reckless With Your Love. I absolutely adore this track, but it would be insane to play more than two tracks of this style in a row.

Finally can you think of a severely underrated artist or label, you think deserves more credit for what they are doing at the moment?

Artists: Kink, Soul Clap, Jimmy Edgar, Kenny Glasgow, Bodycode

Labels: Cliché (I am), Compost, Freude am Tanzen, Liebe +Detail, Mule Musiq, No. 19, Permanent Vacation, Prime Numbers, Third Ear Recordings, Room with a view

DJT has just mixed and compiled the latest Fabric(51)CD which is out now, pick it up in Juno HERE Thanks again DJ.T



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