Long time readers will know the fetish we had for Dissident Records during the years it was alive, so it was only a matter of time before we got the brains of the operation behind the wheels of steel for a flex. Now Andy runs and produces on the imprint Cave Paintings, Primarily a platform for his own releases, the label will be run with a no-frills approach: all tracks will be recorded live in one take on analog gear, and releases will be available exclusively on vinyl. Cave Paintings 1 and 2 are down to the last 50 or so copies of each in the shops, don’t sleep get em HERE.

After trying to draw out the creepier side of Andy’s collection we got served up one hour and 12 mins of absolute house heat with a side of disco! You got one of them to look forward to very soon, here’s what Andy had to say;

“The mix ended up not massively freaky in the end, i realised I’ve been spending a bit too long down the weird-hole of late. i’ve got a mix of euro and Turkish psyche 7″s going live on testpressing any minute now which bears witness to some of my recent explorations and experiments but only hints at the mental and emotional costs endured :-)

So you’ve got a relatively psychedelic hour or so of big boys house music topped and tailed with a couple of left-handed disco killers from either side of the pond.”



See andy next in london at Save our Souls at the great on the rocks studios. vogue and at his World Unknow party the following week!



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