Ahead of her appearance in our Room at the Fabric birthday we asked Kim Ann Foxman to select her most influential tracks that helped shape her sound and Dj sets. We will hand it over to Kim herself to talk you through these :)

“Here are 10 influent classic tracks for me,  I have much more that i’d love to put on this list really, but I was in the mood to choose these. some of these tracks  have been discovered through my rave tape collection, and I have accidentally stumbled upon digging through cheap records bins , and some of them I have desperately searched out, some are just hits to me that I had to include cuz they had some impact on me.”

Talk To Me (Sasha’s Full Music Master Remix) -Hysterix

I discovered this track through one of my favorite rave tapes in my collection of all time, Tony, The Gathering 1993, side A. yes, I remember that shit. It still gives me goosebumps till this day. At that time I was really into breakbeat house, and this one made me go crazy every time. there was no track listing on my tape and I had blue balls forever trying to figure out what it was, until I finally found out.  A vocodered vocal has never been better than this for me.

Jam the Mace – Kenny Dope – House Syndicate

This one is a dance floor burner, and sure crowd pleaser. It’s got samples of technotronic which is a huge inspiration for me, because it basically sent my ass straight to the club. The beats are jacking, and its a sure hands in the air track. To me, no one has sampled technotronic better than this jam. When I think of technotronic, I think dancing in my bedroom as youngster, and rewinding the tape on my boom box, and i’d hear that test sound in the beginning every time.  Oh those good old days.

 Coco Steel & Love Bomb- Feel It

I am constantly naming this song in my top 10, because it was huge for me in my  days of going out in SF. This is one record that has not left my record bag for sentimental values. it’s deep and simple yet so effective. “Don’t Don’t Don’t Jerk It, Don’t Don’t Don’t Jerk it, Work it! ” I’m surprised my copy of this record has physically held up as long as it did following me around for so long.

Some Lovin’-Liberty City-1992

Murk records for days! oh why are they so freaking good?  I can’t get enough of them.  Murk does deep house at its best. Sexy dancefloor non-stop. the deep dub is super special because it takes it all the way there- DEEP!  The dubbed out vox is super moody… LOVE!  an all time fav for sure. As far as I know, the deep dub version is only on wax..a lil gem.

 Don’t Lead Me- Housemaster Baldwin ft. Paris Grey

This is one of my favorite vocal house tracks ever. I have 2 copies of this record of course just in case one gets scratched. obviously the vox is amazing,  Paris Grey turns me out. a total vocal inspiration. All I have to say is…Paris Grey all the way!

 ohm – tribal tone

This is a bit of a rave track that I always loved. I used to have it on a dmitry and onE tape.  I re-recorded that tape a zillion times, between my best friend and I playing it till the taped died or warped or broke, and we had to keep replacing it for each other or taping it back together with scotch tape. I still have it, but the quality is so low at this point. anyway, this jam is on that, and when I found that track, I was so happy!

Pulse State – Future Sound of London

Someone once told me I was cheesy once for being inspired by future sound of London- well, im gonna own this one. This track is sick – its so deep that u can’t even take it.  I would rewind this track over and over and over again.  It will remain one of my all time favorite rave tunes.  I’m sucker for those angelic vox oohs and aaahs… and i’m a proud lover of F.S.O.L. this reminds me of my years of living in SF so much. crazy memories, crazy friends, and  not to mention all the crazy hair styles I had.

Deep Down – deep six

Love this super deep, mid tempo, with pitched down vocals. I have it on some compilation and it’s just various, no information on artists. As I researched, I found versions of the same track and that Ralph Falcon was a part of it. of course!  that makes total sense. It’s a really pretty moody track…this song was actually an inspiration for my new track coming out called Hypnotic Dance, but only in a sense of the pitched down countdown and vox, different vibe, but this track has def influenced me. Besides late night, it also sounds really good when your driving upstate on lil winding roads.

4 You – 4th Measuremen

I love this track with all my heart. MK is such a house god. this one came on an ultra pretty see through Blue vinyl and also a black one as well.  yes I have both of them. MK is of course one of my true house heroes of all times. I love his style, the vox sample and that super MK style brassy yumminess. so many memories.  of course the more obvious track would be  push the feeling on (dub of doom) and yes, that was EPIC for me- duh!! and i’m sure it was for you too. I’ve  also been playing that Jodeci- Feek N you MK dub out like crazy lately. what a tune. I just accidentally turned this track listing into a whole MK section, and I don’t care.

Annette -Dream 17

This 1988 acid house track is quite a special one as its so chicago, but its totally from Manchester/ Hacienda era. I sure do love me some hacienda tunes. It’s really pretty. Love the baseline and and the dreamy vox lingers in your head.  I heard from somewhere that the vox was from someone you didn’t expect, like someone’s grandma, I don’t how true that is, but if it is…THATS GENIUS! I have a feeling it could be true. It’s like no other vocal acid track I’ve ever heard…It’s really nice.






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