Next up on the mix we got NYC based Italian producer Madteo, with some fresh cutz from his $treet Wax series. He has a prolific past, especially in the last few years releasing on the likes on Workshop, Wania and Hinge Finger so as you can imagine we are very happy to have a mix from the man himself.

The $treet Wax series is 65 deep now and always throws up some curveballs and tracks I obsessively have to hunt… in the rawest sense the mixes are usually done live with records he has never mixed togther… from juno “Many cool things happen mixing records you wouldn’t try mixing if you really knew them! I am basically trying to beat match dirty, crackling, often skippy flea market records with greasy covers but often with succulent grooves, like a beat-matching gymnasium in the bedroom.”

This mix is more on the 4×4 side but still slides through genres and you defiantly get a feel for the old-school grit. Amazingly deep but highly emotional in parts, sit back and enjoy





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