Tiago is hittin the streets of london with Dj Kaos this weekend, James Cooper caught up with him to ask a couple of questions ahead of the b2b TK experience at Dalston Superstore. Meanwile any people in Barcelona you can catch us on friday at ADC….

Hey Tiago, what you been up to lately?

hey man, all good, chilling right now, summer coming so always good to calm down for a bit

I heard you’re putting out an original comp on Claremont 56? Is that true?

would love too but mmm not really, maybe you misunderstood it, sorry.

How come it has only been in the last few years you have started putting out music. Have you always been producing or has it been a recent phenomenon?

kind of a late thing yeah, been involved in music since always but in bands and live acts mostly, recording too but solo only since 2007 more or less..

You’ve been DJing for a long time. When did you start and how did you get in to it?

yeah been djing since i moved to the city when i was 17, few years now, then lux came along. been there till now as a weekly resident

I read you’ve been a resident at the amazing Lux club in Lisbon for about 10 years. How did that start?

guess i got lucky and ended up djing at their previous club (frágil) in bairro alto near downtown lisboa, so when the guys moved to the bigger venture they though i was a good bet and invited me.

Who’s playing over there over the Summer? Anyone you recommend our readers to check out if they’re in Lisbon?

oh man, lots of people coming over, actually every thursday and friday of the week there’s people coming, BUT always good to check the local resident talent, very good djs doing a great job over there.

Is there much of a scene in Lisbon or was there whilst you grew up?

yeah, for all kinds. always good to mingle around all those different types of groups and hang, learn and provide. that’s what i did growing up

Sometimes your sets are as long as 6 hours. What do you enjoy to play through such musical excursions?

i guess it’s been a normal procedure for a long time, only now that djs dj for 2 hours or less, but thats that. i find it very little for myself most times cause i love to dj long so i can play all sorts of music.

We’ve been given an extra hour and will be closing the second room at 4am, so we can keep the basement open until 5am. That’s 7 hours of T + K. You played together before, so how will a 7 hour set work with you guys?

that’s fantastic! we will be working on the basement mixing up the medicine, look out kid….yeah, front to back, back to front…..all for the good times. me and kaos are very excited to do this party together also because it will be a good opportunity to hang again, been a few long months since last time, so thank YOU my man!

How does your DJing differ to Kaos?

me and kaos come a long way together so i could expect a same’o vibe felling with each one cracking it is own way

What labels are you into at the moment and what kind of new music are you buying?

try to buy from the local store here in lisbon and let the guys there guide me through all the new stuff, they do a great job on that.

What release so far are you most proud of?

happy with them all really, but very proud of a DJ mix i did for the japan dates this year reverting all sales to the tsunami victims up north.

Yourself and Kaos, are amongst a rare breed of vinyl only DJs / collectors. It wasn’t long ago before many DJs were like this, with a broad collection of music. But who are the main players worth seeing to DJ that truly have a great variety and record collection these days?

so many people….ufff hard to enumerate really but hey i play cds too now so maybe i am out of that league : – )

funkadelic – cosmic slop

can – ege bamyasi

dr alimantado – best dressed chicken in town

the fall – dragnet LP

pop dell arte – free pop LP

max roach – m’boom LP

bobby beausoleil – lucifer rising

ray barreto – barreto power

bruce palmer – the cycle is complete

fashion – fabric




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