Here is a mix from a couple of dudes in Manchester England we met up in Glasgow at Sideshow. These guys carry everything from Marcel Dettmann to Mike Mareen in their record bags, clashing Detroit techno with italo disco- working to great effect on occasions.

This mix really in keeping with the vibe music hosted on the blog, with a few of our gems thrown in.. we thought it would be rude not to host it. Starting of slow with a few classic cosmic tunes balancing funk with cheese, italo esq “Silencer” gets the mix into swing, the vibe then turns deep which is quite prominent throughout the rest of the mix.

Fucks&Kisses- The Cosmic sleaze chord

Ytre Rymden Dansskola- Kahluha Madness (Remix)
Brothers Johnson – Strawberry Letter 23(bicep remix)
Femme- Bathub Clash (CFCF remix)
Wally Badarou- Endles Race
Emiliana Torrini- jungle drum (bicep remix)
Lovelock- Burning Feeling
Dorothy’s Fortress- Silencer
Trago- Primary Roots (Redshape Clear Mix)
Carl Craig- Futurelovetheme
Mark E- R&B Drunkie
Kenlou- The Bounce
Ferenc- Zambomba
Risse- House Train
Project 86- legends (vocal mix)
Chip E- Like This
Sasha- Mongoose
DJ Pierre- Ive Lost Control (Wild Pitch Mix)
Smash TV- Breath Me
Moon Unit- Connections (Ewan Pearson Slo NRG dub)
TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos- The Deep End
Paris Grey- Don’t Make Me Jac

Catch them playing later this month at Bugged out in Manchester supporting the boys from Aeroplane

F&K myspace



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