Gesaffelstein – The Operator


“The Operator” is Released on Zone records, “purveyors of the finest cybernetic euro-pop, Parisian gentleman Gesaffelstein creates glacial slabs of impeccable ice-cold electronic noise that seem to emanate so naturally out of the wired brains of immaculately coiffured men who dream of nightimes spent prowling through cold, industrial cityscapes dressed up like Roxy Music gigolo-bots, to end up regularly congregating with likeminded replicants in dankly lit, underground dancehalls haunted by the ghosts of Kraftwerk and DAF, peering nonchalantly through vapor mists for pale faced women with sharp midnight lipstick lips and that familiar melancholy look in the eyes”, I couldn’t have put it better myself!

This track is great italo-esque electronic monster, supported by the likes of Hell, Miss Kitten and Garnier and you can see why!

Gesaffelstein – The Operator



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