The original home of the bicep, Ghost Town Records…The mastermind of NYC’s Citizen Kane, is back with a new edits EP featuring the late Jerry Williams. Below is a little piece on the man himself…

Jerry Williams rode out of the Lone Star state, a loner with a golden cape and an intimate personal relationship with the music of the spheres. When he was young, bouncing between Texas and Oklahoma with his family, he heard something in the wind. It was a spirit calling to Williams, inviting him to listen to the mysteries of the universe and join the flow. Once the young teenager took up that calling, he claimed it for his life. When Little Richard asked Williams to join his band at 16 years old, they left together on the next train West. The other guitar player, Jimmy James, took the Texan into the bathroom and plugged in the their little amps, saying “if you teach me how to sing I’ll teach you how to play guitar.” Deal. A few years later Williams noticed his bandmate had changed his name to Jimi Hendrix and was making big noise in England. By then Jerry Williams had left home searching for his destiny in a guitar and onstage in California. Life had opened its big doors and was asking him to enter.

For the next 40 years Jerry Williams hit the slipstream of music and sailed where very few get to go. He recorded albums with the best musicians and producers in the world. He wrote songs for rock’s biggest stars, and helped them have hit records which sold millions of copies. But all along, the spotlight bounced off Williams. Perhaps his unrelenting aura broke the bulb, or maybe he was too explosive a talent to be contained on the ground. His 1979 Warner Bros. Records album GONE was set to write Williams’ name in stone before the company decided to take it off the shelves. Wounded, the man spent the rest of his life tryng to make things right. And in his heart he did. His last message, sent from his email account, said, “I am ready to give all my music to the world, because I know it will help heal the planet. My songs are sent from angels, and it is those angels who have never let me down. I know where I belong, and it is in my music. When the world hears it, everything will be as it should.” Jerry Williams’ body left this earth in 2005. Lucky for us, his music is still here. “Easy on Yourself” and “Call to Arms” are from GONE, and now return in new form (Thanks to Mr. Bishop and Mr. Kane) to let the music man offer his love. He gives it freely–and forever. Accept and be released.



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