Named one of dance music’s best kept secrets, in 1983 Italian experimental sound artist Marco Donatello (suffered an early death due to excessive amounts of partying)  and Swedish synth pioneer Gleen Asp made recordings together. Their ambition was to do sound to an art project, but the result was a cocktail of italo-esque melodies, ebm rhythms, and filmic arpeggios. Story has it, the music was produced as an excuse to press records off a narcotic solution in order to smuggle drugs and that a mishap during the operation explains why we haven’t heard any of these tracks untill now. This is a  document of unknown, yet truly unique Swedish dance music. First track features the simpe lines “Uno, Dos, Tres, Quatro/Ein, Zwei, Drei, Fier” spread out across the track, not unlike many good old detroit and chicago acts such as Idol Makings “Un, Deux, Trois” from the early 90ies, however with a pumped up rhythm section not too far from the legendary A Number of Names “Shari Vari” from 81.

Jackpot- uno dos tres



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