KiNK – Bitter Sweet


Kink has been pumping out amazing tunes for some time, his records over the last year have been somewhat outstanding. Probably his best know track (by us anyway) is the acid killer “inside out” produced with Neville Watson, if you are unfamiliar i’m sure you have heard that somewhere as it was nailed across the board. Anyway check this track,  we just picked it up on vinyl on liebe*detail after hearing it on the new happyplease blog which is lookin ace also. Here is what RA said on the track;

“KiNK positions chiming bells around his chopped voice. Other bells provide a strange counterpoint, reminiscent of Four Tet in their ability to simultaneously entrance and unsettle. KiNK’s aims, at the end of the day, are for the floor, though, and “Bitter Sweet” moves towards its climax with dogged purpose. (Even if it takes longer than a modern dance floor likely has the patience for to get there.)”

KiNK – Bitter Sweet



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