Lyn Collins – Think

This is quite simply one of ”the” sampled songs of the 1980s/1990s….The simple 4 beat ”shout and whoop” drum break (that quickly became the trademark of the ”Batlimore” house sound), appearing at 1″ 22 seconds has appeared looped in scores upon scores of essential early dance and hip hop, defining that ‘sound’ that so many of us associate with early dance production.  Those sampling parts of the track including the drum break were Kool Moe dee, Roxanne Shante, Simon Harris, Rob Base, Hi Tek 3, Janet Jackson, Chubb Rock, Heavy D & the Boyz, De la Soul, Fpi Project, King Bee, Today, Greyson & Jasun, N.W.A, Slick Rick, Yuzo Koshiro, Das Efx, Mike Greene, La Bouche, John Cougar, Alizee, Kid 606, Kero one, Dizzie Rascal, Boy 8-bit, Dj Shadow A skillz, Don Omar & Hiedi Montag……to name a few!

Here’s the original!




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