Optimo – Essential Mix 11/2006 (classic)


I first went to Optimo about 4 years ago with some of my friends up in glasgow and was really surprised to find a night that had such diverse obscure music on offer (with lots of fit birds there as well!!!), from punk to disco to realllly weird stuff to krautrock to full on stomping techno……Optimo halloween parties have always been a firm favourite of mine, always a little different to the normal fancy dress, always a little sicker.
Anyway, Twitch and Wilkes set up Optimo back in 1997 and have built up a strong following across the globe and here is their boardline legendary essential mix from back in ’06

1.Jesse Jackson ‘Intro’
2.The Jellies ‘Jive Baby on a Saturday Night’ (Marathon)
3.Prinzhorn Dance School ‘You Are the Space Invader’ (DFA)
4.The Bar Kays ‘Holy Ghost’ (Stax)
5.The Staple Singers ‘Slippery People’ (Epic)
6.Chic ‘Good Times’ (Atlantic Records)
7.Troublefunk ‘Drop The Bomb’ (Sugarhill Records)
8.Prince ‘Sign ‘O’ The Times’ (WEA/Paisley Park)
9.LCD Soundsytem ‘45.33 part 1’ (DFA)
10.Altz ‘Max Motion’ (Zi-Koo)
11.UnknownmiX ‘The Siren (Lo Soul’s Hot Edit)’ (Playhouse)
12.Dondolo ‘Dragon (Shit Robot Firebreathing Remix)’ (Tiny Sticks Records)
13.The Gossip ‘Standing In The Way of Control (Playgroup Dub)’ (Back Yard)
14.Depeche Mode The Sinner in Me (Ricardo Villalobos Conclace Remix)’ (Mute)
15.Ricardo Villalobos ‘Fizheuer Zieheuer’ (Playhouse)
16.Hansepferd ‘BismarkE’ (Nobistor)
17.Saint Ibot ‘White Night’ (Tendenzen Freier Entfaltung)
18.Marc Houle ‘Bay of Figs’ (M nus)
19.Paul Johnson ‘Rubber Band’ (Dust Traxx)
20.Sparks ‘Beat the Clock’ (12 Inch Stars)
21.Kenlou ‘Sensational Beats’ (MAW)
22.Bumblebee Unlimited ‘Lady Bug’ (Red Greg/Unidisc)
23.Lindstrom ‘The Contemporary Fix’ (Feedelity)
24.Hot Chip ‘No Fit State’ (EMI)
25.The Rapture ‘Get Myself Into It’ (Vertigo)
26.X Vectors ‘Your Love’
27.Love Is All ‘Busy Doing Nothing (An Optimo (Espacio) Remix)’ (Parlophone)
28.Divine ‘Shake It Up’ (Break Records)
29.Bobby O ‘She Has a Way (Glimmers Edit)’ (O Records)
30.Yello ‘Bostich (Reese Uptempo Mix)’ (Mercury)
31.Mala ‘Left Leg Out’ (DMZ)
32.Neu! ‘Hallogallo (Mary Hill Rework)’ (Brain)
33.Grauzone ‘Eisbar’ (Welt-Rekord)
34.Crass ‘Bloody Revolutions’ (Crass Records)
35.The Celestial Choir ‘Stand on the Word’ (Larry)




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