Pink Skull – When Falling Straight Through A Goat


Deep dark haunting and haunting tune just released on RVNG, part of Pink Skull’s new album on the label. Really great dark influence on this this is like Boards of Canada meets Redshape meets italo disco! weird tune but great none the less.This is just a bonus track on the album, if you are a fan of LCD Soundsystem or Noze you will defo dig the tracks!  We love what RVNG as done on this release to make each one individual and unique;

“For the living / breathing packaging of Endless Bummer, Pink Skull and Rvng prepared a list of 1000 different “bummers” informed by our symptomatic culture (ranging from “ADULT DIAPERS” to “ZOMBIE INVASION”) and letter pressed 900 of these across a variation of three flo-colored jackets printed with vegetable-based inks at Stumptown Printers.

The 60 hours spent slaving over the letter press at Silver Spring, MD non-profit arts center Pyramid Atlantic took on an endless if not hallucinogenic feel but never veered into bummer territory. The fruit of our blood, sweat, and beers”

Awesome stuff click through for the vid:

Pink Skull – When Falling Straight Through A Goat



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