this post was deleted so i re-uped the tunes

Continuous Cool- Automatic

Grace Jones- I’ve Seen That Face Before (Libertango)

The spook of classic Specials tune Ghost-town rises out echoing throu every dark corner of the club, full of the Grace Jones 80s vibe with a hint of Parisian character.

If you like Italo disco, Detroit techno, jacking house, Chicago acid I recommend you go see Villalobos no one can predict the level of loony-ness his set will bring.

this is a continuous post which i will update as the uploads complete…

*******************update 1*************************

Alter Ego – Blank

Brilliant builder tune, runs nicely through tunes, with a couple of awesome drum break-downs and a heavy baseline.

Louie Austen- Hoping

A bit of a cheesy house offering…as the lyrics go …”jack me jack me jack me till I scream”

Damian Schwartz Guti- Salson

Amazing piano infussed minimal house



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