Richard Wolfsdorf – Mdma


Enter Ricardo or well Richard Wolfsdorf¬† as he is also know by…. Ricardo Villalobos – MDMA is an all-time favorite of ours, but we present you with Ricardo’s original take on things which was released in 1996, under the Wolfsdorf alias. The track more rough and ready than the later- but packs an uber punch…Not many labels these days are taking risks at the moment and putting out all this finly polished middle of the road bland tech-tribe-NO, and we are gonna overlook the next Ricardo for that reason.

A comment on discogs says “The track MDMA is, I think, one of the best climax tunes of all time, acid-like, schizophrenic, very original and totally rocking progressive punk-techno. Its hard to describe this track in words, you got to hear and feel this track on the dancefloor, LOUD!!.”

An original of this record currently fetches 300 Euro and this is a near perfect copy, so ENJOY!

Richard Wolfsdorf – Mdma



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