In an era where credit is rarely given when due, a lot of today’s so-called “Minimal” enthusiasts may not actually be familiar with its creator: the magnificent and innovative Robert Hood. Raised primarily on Motown in Detroit, Robert Hood’s family was enveloped in music. His zealous interest in production guided him to a pawn shop, where he picked up some basic equipment and began recording demos.

Eventually, a fortuitous introduction to a well-connected musician, Mike Clark (aka Agent X), led to him eventually pass on a demo to a key player in underground Detroit, Mike Banks. With UR, Robert forged a path for himself, creating a simple yet powerful sound that fully encompassed the Detroit ethos, but also pushed unparalleled levels of imagination.

Many seminal UR releases later, Jeff Mills and Robert decided set up Axis, which was “more of a housey, abstract sound that was different from the experimental Techno from UR, and that was different from the Detroit Metroplex and Transmat/KMS sound. It was more of a grounded sound.”

Hood & Mills hopped cross-country to NYC in ’92, the home for their brilliant H&M productions together. Robert’s own ground-shattering ‘Minimal Nation’ LP hit the electronic music world with unprecedented explosion – it is credited today as a turning point for Techno. Still here today, the man records music, produces remixes and flexes his record mixing skills across the world – always blessed with a distinct and very own sound.

Also here is a great remix of UR’s Hardlife, by Aaron Carl I have been meaning to post of what seems like ages! deep moody detroit at its best.




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