Shinedoe AKA Innersphere – Phunk


Amongst this weekend’s shite TV I found a particular lowlight-….introducing…. DJs on TV. This breed have been pissing me off for a while but I think my real hate stemed from Lady Gaga’s Calvin Harris look-a-like “DJ” . The endless performances on the likes of “T4”  and watch him pretend to scratch. Ma ma-ma ma CUNT.

Dizzee Rascal was doing the talk show rounds this weekend for his new single Bonkers, at least he had a DJ that did some scratching. The first note played and I thought straight away “Sven Vath- sound of the 6th season”, banged on the CD and to my amusement Shinedoe AKA Innersphere – Phunk. This tune is immense, a Cocoon classic through-n-through which belongs to the dance floor of Amnesia. Here is the Villalobos take on this number.
Shinedoe AKA Innersphere – Phunk (Ricardo villalobos remix)



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