“Controlling dimensions, loitering in space, seducing astro-bitches”, are just some of the things Space Dimension Controller AKA Jack Hamill likes to spend his free time doing. We wanted to catch up ahead of his appearance at this years Red Bull Music Academy to chat about some of the records he has made over the last couple of years, which have gained him admiration across the board.

One of the first things that attracted us to your music was it’s crisp analogue edge, in comparison to this era of digital synths and  theory “the louder the better” over-compressing tunes to death when it comes to mastering, attention to detail in production is paramount.

First things first, does your name derive from the Technics SH 8040 “Space Dimension Controller”? If so do you actually own one and use it?

It was the first piece of hardware I bought before I had any real synths. It was advertised as a reverb but it’s actually a bucket-brigade delay with a really short delay time. Its cool to use on snares and stuff. I use it sometimes. I loved the name of it so I decided to use it as alias. at first I never expected to go anywhere with sdc, but things changed!

What have you been working on recently?

At the moment I’m working on a track for an ep I’m doing with a young guy from Detroit called Kyle Hall. I’ve also got another EP finished and I’m just waiting for a remix from Kyle for one of the tracks.

What are your trusted electronic weapons of choice?

The TR-808 for sure. Recently I got an Akai S-1000 sampler I’ve had sitting around for about 2 years up and running and I’m really enjoying sampling loads of stuff and using that. Those are just drum weapons though. I just got a Korg mono/poly and its the funkiest synth I’ve ever played.

Which producer/artists have inspired your sound and are there any out there now inspiring you?

Drexciya/Dopplereffekt and all those guys used to inspire me a lot, but I’m much more into my funk these days and most of my inspiration comes from the 80’s. I can’t actually think of any main influences at the moment, I’d have to flick through my iTunes library but that’s on my laptop. old school breakdance electro definitely has a factor and the 4/4 influence is probably still a bit of James Stinson. it’s hard for me to pin point a direct influence because I don’t really listen to music any-more since my laptop is on the other side of the room and not hooked up to my monitors. there are a few producers around today that I’m into, but I wouldn’t say they influence me really. the likes of Boxcutter, Kyle Hall, Jimmy Edgar and an album by some guys called Linkwood I heard recently was sounding really good.

What else is in store for 2010 from SCD?

Just more releases, I’m working on getting a couple out in the spring and then the summer hopefully for some more. So far I have 3 pretty much confirmed and another label has suggested that I do a single for them so we’ll see how things go. I’m hoping all these releases get me some good shows, it’s been a quiet winter!


Space Dimension Controller – SH 8040



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