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AM/PM – Bought & Sold

All genres of music have their moment in the sun. In dance music that moment lasts about 6 months, and then it sounds completely out of date. In many cases, that leaves a lot of legitimately great musicians and Djs … Continue reading

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  Only heard this subtle little track for the first time last week, even though it’s 5 years old. Could realy see it fitting it with the likes of James Holden and the Border community stuff. Great thoughtful synths  and … Continue reading

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This is quite simply a track for little weirdos, kind of elite minimal, for the die hard fans….. Ridiculously repetitive with its twisted little bleeps and bloops, it’ll drive the sanest of us into madness, most likely fulfilling the creators intentions. I’ve been quite a … Continue reading

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DBX – Live Wire

Tunes like this made me want to dj, really simple but effective. I could think of nothing better than to absolutly thump this out to a massive crowd through a function one. Repetitive grooving but unlike the masses of dire … Continue reading

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Cabo San Roque – Calypso 08 (Luciano Remix)

Haha, I haven’t  tired of this little summer samba remix from Luciano, light and refreshing, I heard him finish with it last year and it really went down a treat. For some reason the harpsichord part conjures up memories of the theme tune to ‘last of … Continue reading

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