Spin back 9 years to Febuary 2001 and a new DJ “Tiga” breaking onto the Techno scene with outstanding remixes with likes of Adam Beyer and Linda Lamb,  collaborations that would be unheard of today. Where Beyer and the Techno pioneers stayed on their path Tiga has been mixing up the genres redefining a new Electroclash genre with his subsequent releases- Tiga still seems to be diving opinion with his unique style to this day. Either way this is a brilliant mix CD,that broke him onto the scene so its defiantly worth a listen!!!

“Making this CD was very hard, and took a lot out of me. While the music is not my own, the process of putting it all together is my craft. And so the thousands of records get narrowed down, and the world of possibilities get edited down to a few photos…and out of this overwhelming and vast sea of stimulus and infinite sources, finite choices are made…small, personal and often timid choices that ultimately help define who you are as an artist, and are all you really have. So you end up with this little window into what we felt, listened to, and were inspired by in October of 2000. This is the process. It is a process that never ends, just finds temporary expression, as a new wave of inspiration floods in. This process would never be the same without my friends, partners and family. Thanks to all the labels and artists, who both inspired and enabled this entire project!”

1. Moneypeople – Elias
2. Cleopatra’s Needle – Stewart S. Walker
3. Algebra – Brian Zentz
4. Forthcoming – Adam Beyer
5. Centrafrique – Samuel L. Sessions
6. A1 – Umek & Valentino
7. Flying The Funky Path (Layo & Bushwacka Remix) – The Producers
8. First Step (The Advent Remix) – Wla Garcia
9. Agent Wood – UK Gold
10. Love Story (Re-Edit) – Andrew McLauchlan
11. C1 (Remainings III) – Adam Beyer
12. Schriek – Tomba Vira
13. B1 (017) – Grain
14. Love Express – Mateo Murphy
15. Jack The House – DJ Hell
16. Real Cool (Abe Duque Remix) – Brinton McKay
17. Powder Toast – Martin Venetjoki

Tiga – Montreal Mix Sessions Vol. 5 – Mixed Emotions



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