It’s been a busy year for us meat heads and what better a way to finish than a quick round-up of our Top 10 Burgers from 2011!

Opinions were heavily argued across both gym members and some were sacrificed on the famous Bicep arm wrestle rule, which many have fell victim to this year… most notably the Wolf Music crew and family members. Other notable takedowns this year include Claude Von Stroke, Justin Martin and Mat Playford… who lets face it, all got well and truly white truffled.

Back to business up first;

(in no order- this was impossible to decide)


Pim Pam is an old faithful that never lets us down, ever since going to Sonar many years back this place is often our first port of call soon after landing. The ‘Completa’ is a good choice. Grinding the beef in-front of your eyes is always a good start, followed by a topping of their own sauce, bacon and a freid egg!!! BOOM!!! This one capped off an amazingly hardcore Primavera and Athletic Disco Club session in June!


When we arrived in Phili we only had one thing on our minds, eat as much shit as we can in the space of  those 30 hours we were in town. After many warnings of cheesesteak overload, we decided to take a short break and have a burger in between like 6 of em. After a recommendation from Mister Saturday Night we nailed a burger at Jim’s Steaks, which kinda resembled a baby’s head…very good sir!


One of our favourite and trusted burger reference places online is the aptly named Burgerac. This is the very place we got the lowdown on this joint we never even knew existed in our home town! Trust is everything when it comes to burgers, check their review, and thanks for the pic ;)


A challenger for the best London has to offer, for us East siders it takes a lot for us to go to most London people you get pretty lazy. Only reason i’m usually in Brixton is Dj’in, Franco Manca’s or this place, but I do love it. Nice specials and the straight-up Honest Burger is anything but honest. Notable shouts to @leisurewear, @ParkrangerTV and @PelskiBlog on this one!


One of Brooklyn’s finest, this badboy is packed with meaty greatness. The burger resembles Andre The Giant’s fist and is served with a gerkin that make you question if its a full length cucumber… ace joint, ended up here lots over the summer, unfortunatly mainly on hangovers but this was a great cure.


Problem with this place is that it’s located like 5 mins from my door, however unlike normal humans I can maintain a physique to be proud of no matter what i pump in my gut. Lucky Chip is well up there with the greatest  i eagerly await the themed burgers-‘The London Field of Dreams'(pictured) being a favourite which comes complete with a “Beetroot flavoured onion ring. The Burger is a Selleck. Named after Tom Selleck”..if that ain’t you sold you are not a friend of mine.


The last of the bohemian bars in West Greenwich Village, has been serving customers since the earlier part of this century. Oldschool classic, bacon cheese-wizz type slice… no frills just straight up quality.


Meat Liquor is seen as the holy grail amongst friends, the que is usually a put off but anywhere that’s worth the wait this is the place…After hearing about this place i made it my mission to go.  A worthy best burger contender and one of the best sleazy alternative joints in Central LDN.


If you go to Berlin, food is often the last thing on you’re mind. That said…a burger and a bucket of becks over some burlesque is a pretty good start to any night wherever in the world you are… Load up here on a Friday night and this will keep you going till Monday in Panorama Bar.


Matt resided in the middle east for the first part of this year, he claims this to be one of the best the world has on offer….Big, sleazy and ordered by the weight (quarter, half or full pound) complete with buttered and then fried buns. These bad boys served many a hangover. Freshly minced steak, served pink with a shiiiiiiiiit load of salt and cheese – the salad selection and condiment range is immense. These burgers don’t promise to be anything but ‘all-American’ style filth, but when it comes to burgers… what more do you want.



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