This week’s mixtape guest is Technoist (also known as The Teknoist). Having a discography that has spanned the last two decades, he has more recently released an EP and an album on Love Love Records, alongside running his own label Grey Meta. We asked him more about the mix and what he’s been up to recently.

Hullo there. I have been finishing this collection of tracks, as well as about 15 more, in a similar vein, to then release over the next year or so. A few are signed but a couple arent as of yet. Iv also been running the label i run with 3 other people, Grey Meta. We’ve just put a huge agro party jungle EP out and it’s proving to be our fastest selling release to date. I guess you could say the label is very genre fluid. We release anything as long as we believe in it. I’ve also been working on a lot of new hardcore techno and breakcore as it’s the thing i’m kind of known most for originally. So i suppose, my answer, in short, is, as always, a lot of music related stuff. I’m also glad to have touring slowly coming back in my life post lockdown.

The mix was recorded in my studio on just a bog standard DJ controller. I then sent the recorded mix to Ribbzy and he added his sections while vibing to it at his place. The opening track, ‘Stormbreaker’, iv just dropped on my little so if you’d like that, head over there.

I decided a while back to make the mix 100% my own music, as a kind of showcase. Just to make it a more special type of introduction to me, y’know? I do like to go the extra mile and be or create something that is more than just run of the mill (aka work myself into the ground ;). Something a little extra. Getting MC Ribbz involved was actually, really down to a lot of people sampling him in the last few years on pretty big releases. Sampling old rave tapes and not giving him credit on the tracks. This isnt to say that im some sample police type person. Lawd knows i think sampling is an art in itself but he’s been a friend of mine and has been MCing over my sets since i was literally 15 years old. I want him to get some credit in a place that isnt the true underground. The rave scene is so small, a little credit here or there wouldnt have taken away from the tracks. In fact, it would have added credibility. Then again, i didnt insist on crediting Nas on my first ever release, 20 years ago, did i?! lol

What are you up to next?

I would really love to tour this set or the extended 2 hour version as either a live show or 4 deck DJ set along with Ribbzy and a live AV show which is being put together as i type these answers. So that would be cool. Or even just DJ some more techno orientated gigs… but for now, im back in to writing 200bpm hardcore techno for a bit as iv got so much damn ‘regular’ techno and techno adjacent material im now sitting on. Saying that, actually, 2 of the tracks in this mix (Causal Loop Paradox and Quest for Kenneth the Space Knife) are coming out on Grey Meta next month with remixes from Cocktail Party Effect and Ben Pest. I am really looking forward to that EP seeing the light of day.

If you would like to book this show or just little ol’ me you can hit up Ash at Varispeed for all enquiries

Also do check our catalogue of releases at Grey Meta label 

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We’re really continuing Paddy’s Day this year with Ireland’s very own Yasmin Gardezi on the mixtape. Yasmin is a resident of the techno events label and website, MOTZ Berlin, run by Irish girls in Berlin, London and Ireland. Yasmin is taking Irish dance music abroad this year, with a busy European and UK schedule. But first, we asked what she’s been up to recently and more about the mix…

The last few months have been nothing short but amazing for me! From selling out headline shows on home soil to making debuts in new cities in Europe and the UK, it really feels like I’m living in a dream. I’ve been working hard behind the scenes getting into gear and getting releases ready for a busy summer of festivals. 

The mix was recorded, like all of my mixes, at home in the comfort of my bedroom on my home setup. I will admit I do find it very hard to record mixes in my room without the buzz of a crowd reaction but I do enjoy having the time to try things out at home. 

I wanted to start this mix powerful, piercing and tribal while gradually upping the tempo and energy throughout the journey but keeping the same story line, adding in my usual splashes of psy twists and hard basslines. I have been playing these tracks in recent shows, most recently at my debut in SWG3 at the weekend. If you were there, you will recognise some of the sounds in this mix. 

Up Next?

Next up for me is a jam packed St. Patricks Weekend tripler Thursday to Saturday in Derry, Liverpool and Aberdeen. I then have my Lithuania debut, followed by a whopper Teletech lineup in the Telegraph building for Easter Monday. The Summer is looking like a fairytale already, starting off festival season with a bang, headlining the Friday of Life Festival and more news I cannot wait to share. Lets just say I’ll be making my way around Europe and the UK alot this year. 

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This week on the mixtape we have London-base DJ Kilig. Throughout that last year, he’s released a string of electronic tracks, including a four track project “Canvas”, on the newly founded label Cross Country. As usual, we’ve asked Kilig what he’s been up to and more about the mix…

Locked away! Haha, I’ve been writing ALOT – I finally feel like I’m in a place with it where I’m ready to show people what I’ve been working on.
Outside of that, I’ve been enjoying showcasing other people’s music on Rinse FM – Sometimes it’s easy to just play the music you know really well and be lazy with it, but this has really helped with finding some unsung gems.

The mix was recorded at home, in some comfy clothes…honestly, I wish I had a cool story to tell you about it haha

I wanted to treat this as almost a mini Essential Mix and try give people a full flavour of the music I enjoy.
It runs from high energy club and breaks, right through to wobbly 100 bpm experimental sort of stuff.

What are you up to next?

I have a new release coming on Cross Country. It’s the largest single body of work I’ve ever released and is going to be a prelude to my debut album that I’m writing at the moment. It’s a mixtape called ‘You Are Everywhere’ and it’s the first time I’m releasing music with vocalists and poets and honestly I’m really proud of it.
Gig wise I’m headed to Austria to play Snowbombing festival, which was a highlight of the year for me last year so cannot wait for that! Also a bunch of club shows to announce alongside the new music so keep an eye out for those.

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This week we have the London born and bred Jeigo on the FMB Mixtape. Since releasing his debut album “Cerulean” in 2022, Jeigo has cemented his eclectic tastes throughout his production and DJ sets. You know what’s next, we’ve asked him more about the mix and what’s he’s been up to recently…

2023 has just kicked off, so I have been busy figuring out plans (music and non- music) for the year and taking a less self-pressured but productive approach to January. Lots of exercise, mix-downs and 16 bar loops, as well as turning my new place, which I just moved into, a home (shoutout to Kempton antiques fair). Also coming down a little from the album release back in September, so enjoying the downtime, whilst also working full-time at Juno Records.

The mix was recorded in my home bedroom studio in Haggerston, drafted on my technics 1210’s and CDJ’s and then put together in Traktor and Logic Pro for a few tweaks. I have some effects chains I use in Logic for my productions which I love and wanted to utilise in the mix to give an essence of my production throughout, including Vahalia (the best!) plugins and Phat FX filters.

The aim for the mix was compacting a full night set within an hour and a bit slot, so beginning with some warm-up tunes, into peak time tracks and end-of-the-night selections, as well as those moments for trips home from the club when the melancholy kicks in. As always it features self-productions, friends tracks and new discoveries.

Up next?

I got a busy 2023 planned for music releases, with a big collaboration coming out with someone I really idolise, then a release on my childhood best friend’s label Tread Records (one of the tracks features in the mix) and then potentially a self-release EP or even album number 2, but I am not ready to make any decisive decisions for the later quite yet. Hopefully 2023 will bring some more gigs as well to give all the music I am making a spin on a proper system!!!

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We’re welcoming Italian-born Matisa on the FMB Mixtape this week. Having started her music career playing the piano and oboe, Matisa expanded into DJing and music production, releasing her debut EP in 2019. As usual, we fired over some questions to her:

Happy new year everyone, 2023 is off to a great start and have the feeling this year is going to be a crazy one :) I am so happy that my first mix of the year is with you guys, honestly, a dream come true! I am really honoured!

I have been working on new music for 2023 and have some exciting releases coming up… I recently played an after-party during Milan fashion week for the brand DSQUARED2, it was a nice way to connect with a different crowd and the show was amazing

My mix was recorded at home in Florence, all vinyl recording on Technic 1200 turntables and an Allen & Heath Xone 92 mixer.

I dug through my collection for this one, re-discovering some of my sexy and groovy tracks. Adding some of my first vinyl purchases like Kamasutra – Running Away from 1993.. a really special track that holds loads of special memories for me. My idea for the mix was to bring people into another dimension. I imagined the reasons and what makes us dance, the primitive act of movement, deep sounds and the beauty of harmony we find in music. A spiritual moment for all of you, are you ready?

Up to next?

Aside from some new music coming, I am ready to take on the year with both hands, move things forward and grow.

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