Next up on the FMB Mixtape Series is a mix from Melbourne-based DJ & producer, Gumm. As usual, we fired some questions over to find out a bit about the selection & what he’s been up to recently…

Recently Melbourne has been in some pretty heavy lockdowns, so I’ve been spending them completing my first EP, starting another, plus a few singles. It’s a bummer not having gigs but I’m feeling positive about the upcoming summer.

The mix was recorded in the comfort of my home, via my good pal Ableton.

The idea behind the mix was to blend an hour of high-energy, rolling indie dance and electronica. A lot of the artists on the tracklist are incredible talents, in what is still a somewhat niche genre. I resonated with this style after the first sniff I got of it, and it’s been a wonderful relationship ever since. 

Up next…

If things work out the way we’re hoping in Melbourne, I’ll be playing at some great events including smalltown Bridge Rave (Sat 4th Dec), Let Them Eat Cake NYD, smalltown Street Rave (Sun 6th Mar), and some club shows.

Thanks a bunch for having me <3


Cooper Saver – Reflection (Sunrise Version) (Gumm’s Airport Edit)

Dreems – An Ancient Eddiitt

Museum Of Love – Marching Orders (Red Axes Remix)

Chinaski – Energy 1 (Original Mix)

Hanzo & Yaman – Die Neue Welt (The Juan Maclean Remix)

Madonna – Vogue (Younger Than Me Edit)

Luke Alessi – ID [Unreleased]

Leo af Ekenstam – Stanford Torus (Original Mix) [Unreleased]

Dance Station – PopFizz (Benjamin Fröhlich Remix)

Gumm – ID [Unreleased]

Black Spuma – Miracoli (Original Mix)

REES – Enter The Realm (Curses Remix)

Echonomist – Death Goes To Disco feat. Phunkadelica (Phunkadelica Acid I Love You Mix)

Damon Jee, Darlyn Vlys – Apocalypsis (Original Mix)

Kim Wilde – You Keep Me Hangin’ On (Gumm ft Sassafrass Edit)

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For this week’s episode of the FMB mixtape series, we’re happy to have to invited Hodge to take the reigns! As usual we fired some questions over to him:

I’ve just released a track on then new livity sound comp “ Molten Mirrors “ and other than that  ive been focused on getting into the headspace of Djing again. I had a really productive time in the studio just before clubs opened up and now loving the chance to test those tracks on a system before releasing them. 

Recorded it at home in my loft with CDJs and then fixed a couple of dodgy mixes after with Ableton. 

It’s kinda where my heads at from the last few shows I’ve played, everything feels really great atm, crowds really up for it and everyone really moving. I’m just having loads of fun with it, especially after so long off and this mix is just a reflection of that.

Up next…

Playing love saves the day this weekend, and then a triple day next weekend with the 10th at livity sound in Bristol, 11th at Corsica studios with Laurel halo and then my first trip back to Berlin on the for mother’s finest at Renate on the Sunday with a stacked line up. Can’t wait.

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This week on the FMB Mixtape Series, we welcome the Glasgow-based DJ & producer, Nightwave. As always, we first caught up with her to find out a bit about the mix & what she’s been up to lately…

The clubs officially reopened in Scotland a week ago after nearly 18 months so I was absolutely ecstatic to be back behind the decks at La Cheetah Club in Glasgow where I’ve had a residency for the last 8 years. I’ve also been recording a lot of mixes, a bunch of remixes and trying to finish up my next couple releases in my spare time. I opened a holistic therapy studio during lockdown so I’m pretty busy with the new business and music industry restarting.

Classic CDJ2000 and Pioneer mixed setup in my house but I sent it over from the hills of Slovenia as I managed to finally fly home last minute after more than a year.

This mix contains a lot of Chicago energy and quite a few Paul Johnson tracks – like everyone in our community I’m heartbroken that he’s gone and wanted to show some gratitude for all the incredible music he left us with. I’ve also included some other Chicago classics, some ravey banger and a VIP mix of mine and DJ Deeon’s tune ‘Hit It’. It’s raw and pumpkin and sometimes that’s all you need!

Up next…

Got a bunch of gigs lined up that I’m soooo excited to play – including Riverside, Lindisfarne and Playground festival and the reboot of Nightrave on the 21st of August. I’ll need to finish that record soon as well now I can finally play it out!! :)

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On this week’s episode of our mixtape series, we reached out to Emerald, the London-based DJ and Rinse FM radio host, who was also recently nominated by DJ Mag for Best Live Stream in 2020 for her ‘Afters with Emerald’ livestream series. As always, we first caught up to find out a bit about the mix & what she’s been up to lately…

Mostly trying to stay sane and keep myself occupied, getting ready for clubs to reopen, my Saturday Rinse FM weekly show has given me some really nice consistency throughout the pause, plus my live stream ‘Afters With Emerald’ has been a joy to create and curate. I’ve also been doing a lot of knitting.

I recorded this mix live on CDJs at home in London on my set up in my living room.

The underground dance scene is in an exciting state of new equilibrium, and when it comes to London we’re seeing this amalgamation of new and old that’s somewhat reminiscent of a time 30 years ago when the polarisation of society and government was not dissimilar to how it feels now.

The new sound emerging from London, championed by young producers who for the most part were just being born in the 90s, heavily draws from this era. We’re hearing so much breakbeat, acid, rave and hardcore elements which I think is a sound thats reviving and thriving through a need and desperation to rave, dance and rebel against a system of constraint and divide, and for obvious reasons, isolation.

I think the reason I’m feeling in my element with the underground landscape at the moment is because I’ve always been a genre hopper, something I used to think was a bad thing but that I’m embracing more as I grow older. The line between subcultures is so blurred for our generation that it’s natural to draw from different scenes, genres, cultures, blend it together and create something new, unique and personal. Accessibility and the way we consume music has dramatically changed.

I think this mix is a reflection of this new equilibrium. I’m giving you all my favourite elements: breaks, electro, acid, techno, rave, stuff that doesn’t have or need a genre and a sprinkling of ghetto tech.

I cheekily asked a handful of some of my current most favourite producers and labels for anything special they might have been sitting on and combined it with some old 90’s belters.

Music from Ben Hauke, AK Sports, Client_03, Landstrumm, Breaka, Denham Audio, Karima F, Cherriep, WTCHCRFT, Snarexx, Doc Scott, Urban Shakedown, Local Group, Epitome Of Hype, Cryogenetic, Go Nuclear, Overmono.

Up next…

Plotting to re launch my night ‘Afters’ back into live venues, and finally, finally playing out to live venues and real crowds again! Also more knitting.

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For this week’s episode of the mixtape series, we’ve invited Tom Jarmey to take the reigns – Tom is a DJ, producer and co-founder of the Manchester-based party Wax Villainy. As always, we first caught up to hear about the mix & what he’s been up to lately…

I’ve recently polished off my geography degree in Manchester and I’m now spending the remainder of summer at home in the countryside – a much needed rest from the carnage that ensues the final post-exam month at uni. It’s also set to act as a bit of downtime to get stuck into the production grind once more. In terms of DJing, I’ve been playing at a handful of sit down events across the UK—while fun, I’m itching to get back into a proper club environment come the 19th of July! Let’s also hope festivals can go ahead (fingers crossed).

The mix was recorded at my family home in Wiltshire with the aid of 2 XDJ 700’s, a DJM 450 and a pretty view of the quaint English hamlet – keeping things simple. A few heads were turned from passing dog walkers during the final third of the mix, I suppose the residents don’t take too kindly to drumfunk. 

I spent a long time deciding whether to theme this mix around my more ambient tastes, or take things in the grittier club direction. In the end I settled on a bit of both—dedicating the first half to the more atmospheric end of the spectrum, with a bunch of unreleased ambient and drill tracks from both my aliases (Tom Jarmey and Ocean Stirs), and dedicating the second half to the sort of music I’d play in a club set. 

Up next…

On the production side of things, I’ve got a lot of exciting bits on the horizon. Firstly, my good mate Ed Hodge and I have our second record from Mother Of Pearls – our collaborative project – dropping on independent London label Gunfinger Food later in July. Following that, I’m releasing two more Ocean Stirs EPs on Holding Hands and X-Kalay—both adopting more of a jungle-orientated focus, with the latter being blessed by a remix from none other than Tim Reaper. I’ve also recently finished writing and mixing my second Tom Jarmey album which will be seeing the light of day next year.

More generally, I’ll be continuing to play out and relentlessly produce so keep your eyes peeled!



Tom Jarmey – Trill

Hidden Element – A Nice and Quiet Moment

Jeigo – Closed For Subsidence

Kawatin – We Live In The Balcony

Steve Hauschildt – Subtractive Skies

Mansur Brown – Serene

Ocean Stirs – Sightless

Ocean Stirs – Russian Doll

Moodrich – Mystical Crypt

Ocean Stirs – Luminescent (Tim Reaper Remix)

Moodrich – Serve Serve

X Nation – Someting Borrow Someting Screw

Etch – Lurch

Text Chunk – High Time

Coco Bryce – Trust Issues

Priori & RAMZi – Grande Ourse

dgoHn – Monsson Mercenary

Walton – Space Water

Round – Lucky Star

Daniel Avery – Lone Swordsman

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