Up next for episode 150 on the series is a mix from DJ, producer & label owner, REES. The Paradiso Records founder very recently dropped a new EP on Zone Focus, so first we caught up to find out what else he’s been up to and what the idea is behind the mix:

Like most of the world, COVID-19 has put the handbrakes on a lot of what I have been working on, to be honest. It’s a shame as up until lockdown things were starting to click with shows locked in Amsterdam, Germany and all across the UK. Once things clear up these will get re-arranged.
I guess the big positive that has come out of this newfound normality is the free time. I’ve put a lot of time into my label, Paradiso Records. Revamping our branding, prepping for releases and planning for the next 12 months. Also, I have recently satisfied an itch that so desperately needed scratching and bought myself Juno-106 and Oberheim Matrix-1000 so as you can imagine I practically live in my studio now.

Obviously, with the lockdown, the logistics have become a bit more complicated. I’ve converted one of the rooms in my house in the mighty Boro into a home studio. This mix was recorded on a set of trusty old Pioneer CDJ 900s and mixer.

In three words? ’80’s power hour. In all seriousness, I wanted to demonstrate what I am all about. There is a selection of new and old tracks that pay homage to the greatest decade of music the ’80s. When I’m in the mix I like to keep things slow and psychedelic to start before building the energy and finishing with what it is all about, Italo-disco. A lot of vintage synths and phat snares with a sprinkle of panorama bar – that’s me.

Up next…

I’ve just dropped my Panoramic Love EP on Zone Focus last month. And have also just signed some music to Nein Records and have my first 12” coming out on Shadow City which I’m super proud of. In terms of shows, I don’t want to jinx anything but the possibility is no longer unrealistic and it is looking like I’ll be in Lithuania and London this month with Edinburgh, Grimsby and Newcastle to follow shortly after for some safe dancing. Fingers crossed the country keeps moving in the right direction.




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