This week we have Jay Carder on the mixtape. Jay has been DJing across various radio stations for over 10 years, including Soho Radio, NTS & Rinse FM, and released her debut EP ‘Entropy’ at the end of 2022. We asked more about this mix & what she had been up to recently:

Firstly thanks so much for having me on the FMB mix series! 2023 so far has been a whirlwind…In January off the back of my debut EP, Mary Anne Hobbs asked me for a 6Music guest mix; she then playlisted the track ‘Eva’s Stoned’ for three whole weeks on the station – it was kinda mind blowing hearing it played daily. I also did a tour of India over Jan/Feb (15 gigs in 5 weeks say whaaat haha) before flying straight back to join Interplanetary Criminal for a few dates on his UK tour. 

Since then I’ve been playing most weekends around the country (plus a few cheeky sets in Barcelona), broadcasting on Rinse FM every Monday, and trying to squeeze in studio time as much as possible around other commitments (just about hanging in there with my ‘non-music-related-but-funding-the-dream’ day job too haha).

Ah yes, imagine the scene. I had an unusually free Saturday – I’d been playing in Peckham until 6am Friday night and crawled into bed for a few hours, then woke up around lunchtime to the sun streaming through the window. It felt like the first proper day of summer (aka festival season) and I just felt so energised and ready to dive into a day of digging. My normally chaotic house was empty with everyone away for the weekend and I had the whole place to myself to immerse myself in music, play it as loud as I dared (sorry neighbours) and dig to my heart’s content.

I’d been putting tracks aside for this mix for a little while, but that Saturday was a full 12-hour stint of finding, vibing and mixing tunes. The result is actually my favourite mix I’ve ever recorded – it’s full of twists and turns, highs and lows. I recorded it late into Saturday night, around 2am, on my humble yet beloved home setup of two XDJs and a DJM800.

I’m really genuinely excited to share this with the world! I know it’s been said a million times but a good mix is genuinely a piece of art itself – a collection of ‘moments’ strung together in a mesmerisingly coherent way. Of the tracks I chose, some I’ve never played before but am totally drawn to, and some have been causing some real damage in my recent club sets. Most of them are fairly new/some unreleased, but there’s a peppering of nostalgia in there too. With Bicep’s repertoire of huge melodies and chopped vocals in mind, I included plenty of euphoric moments and intertwined them with heavy breaks, bass and weirdly wonderful tension. I feel like the mix has a life of its own; it’s hard to explain really – you’ll just have to listen ;)

Up next?

I’m playing my first Boiler Room this bank holiday Sunday which is set to be a belter! Then festival season is well and truly underway. I’ll be at Gottwood and Glastonbury in June (big up Sports Banger for having me at their notorious Mega Rave), before heading for the first time to Canada to play at Bass Coast Festival in July. Secret Garden Party, Westival and Boomtown follow. By some work of magic I hope to find studio time for more releases, and of course I’ll be live on Rinse FM every Monday at 6pm throughout. I can’t guarantee I’ll make much sense, but I’ll be there ;)

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All the way from Glasgow we have the producer and DJ, Big Miz, on the mixtape this week. As always, we first caught up with him to see what he’s been up to lately.

I’ve been in the studio loads in the last few months making some new tracks for the summer. Got some releases coming out on Dansu Discs, Homage and Shall Not Fade over the summer. Also been playing a few shows across the UK and hitting the skatepark when I can. 

The mix was recorded in the studio that I share with the guys who run Dixon Avenue Basement Jams on two cdjs. 

It’s basically a mix of tracks that I’ve been loving in my DJ sets recently alongside a good few of my own new productions. I’ve been playing a bit heavier than I used to recently and that’s reflected in the second half of the mix.

And up next?

Next I have shows at the subby, Egg in London, Riverside b2b w/ Eclair Fifi and Newcastle so I’m looking forward to those. Also excited for my new releases to drop so hopefully people are into them :)


Ray Okpara – A Belover For
Wallace – Pump Up The Volume
Eden Burns – Rats A Rat
Big Miz – Believe
Matrixxman – Arrival
Big Miz – Make Your Bones
Spray – VT Trad
Big Miz – Wanna Get Down
Dj Emerson – Pump It
Dj Zank – Peggasans
Beau Didier – Bit 3
Big Miz – Satanic Panic
Datar – B (Alex Neri Remix)
Mene – No Me Impolta
Big Miz – Let The Smoke Out (feat. Theo Bleak)

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We’re handing the mixtape reigns over to Canada’s own Overland this week. She’s a resident with France and has released music worldwide through Lisbon’s Naive, New York’s Sweat Equity & has new tracks coming out on Berlin’s GARMO. You know the drill, we checked in about the mix and what she’s been up to recently…

I am currently based in Berlin, on my first European tour since March 2020. I played the last gig at Tresor before the world shut down, so it’s been nice to revisit and play the clubs here in Berlin.

To record the mix, I rented a Pirate Studio in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin using a 3 CDJ setup.

I felt for a while that I wasn’t in control of my career or life.. I felt pressured to be “more techno” or play more “marketable music” or that I’m “too experimental”. After re-assessing where I was and stepping away from a lot of the pressures within my inner circle, I’ve found my joy for DJing again and am able to appreciate the beautiful blend of music I love to play. It’s a mix of old and new, friends and heroes, pumping yet trippy. A hint of the Midwest, a hint of Canadian, all things I love wrapped in one nice mix.

Up next?

I will spend the rest of April here in Berlin, then head back to Canada for a short while before heading to Detroit to play an off Movement party Meta Ta Physika, Chicago to play Podlaise, and New York twice later in the summer for some exciting debuts. I made the choice to tour less and focus on my own emotional and mental health this year, as I found being on the road a lot really disrupted that for me last year. Playing the music that matters to me, and the events that matter to me brings me closer to the joy of what I do best.

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Up next on the Mixtape, we have rising Irish star Caoimhe. Since starting her DJ career in early 2019, Caoimhe has become a regular on stage alongside others such as Honey Dijon, Patrick Topping, Dusky, Disclosure and Sally C. As usual, we fired over some questions to get to know her and the mix more:

This year has been off to a great start for me. I’ve recently started a new monthly residency at Misfit in Thompsons Garage, the longest running club in Belfast. I was invited onto BBC Radio 1 lunchtime show to co-host the show with presenters Vicky and Dean, and have a chat about the country’s music scene. At the start of March, I travelled to Berlin to record a set at Hor, the world’s most famous bathroom, for the second time!

My partner and I have just bought our first house together, so I’m very happy to say that this mix was the first I’ve recorded in our new home. It was recorded using my CDJ’s and Xone 43c mixer.

The inspiration behind this mix comes off the back of a recent gig that I played at an event called ‘Plan B’. It was my first time headlining a show in Belfast, so I wanted to showcase some of the music I played on the night. I’ve included a lot of peak time rollers to mirror the high energy from the main room. I can honestly say that it was one of the best nights of my life. The event was held in an old Masonic Hall in East Belfast. It reminded me of what I think clubbing would have been like before my time and one of the most receptive crowds I’ve ever played to. I would like to dedicate this mix to the Plan B crew.

What are you up to next?

I look forward to continuing my Misfit Residency at Thompsons Garage. I am really excited to be playing at AVA festival again. In the coming months, I am also playing at Emerge Festival, Belfast, and Wildroots Festival in Sligo.

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This week’s mixtape guest is Technoist (also known as The Teknoist). Having a discography that has spanned the last two decades, he has more recently released an EP and an album on Love Love Records, alongside running his own label Grey Meta. We asked him more about the mix and what he’s been up to recently.

Hullo there. I have been finishing this collection of tracks, as well as about 15 more, in a similar vein, to then release over the next year or so. A few are signed but a couple arent as of yet. Iv also been running the label i run with 3 other people, Grey Meta. We’ve just put a huge agro party jungle EP out and it’s proving to be our fastest selling release to date. I guess you could say the label is very genre fluid. We release anything as long as we believe in it. I’ve also been working on a lot of new hardcore techno and breakcore as it’s the thing i’m kind of known most for originally. So i suppose, my answer, in short, is, as always, a lot of music related stuff. I’m also glad to have touring slowly coming back in my life post lockdown.

The mix was recorded in my studio on just a bog standard DJ controller. I then sent the recorded mix to Ribbzy and he added his sections while vibing to it at his place. The opening track, ‘Stormbreaker’, iv just dropped on my little so if you’d like that, head over there.

I decided a while back to make the mix 100% my own music, as a kind of showcase. Just to make it a more special type of introduction to me, y’know? I do like to go the extra mile and be or create something that is more than just run of the mill (aka work myself into the ground ;). Something a little extra. Getting MC Ribbz involved was actually, really down to a lot of people sampling him in the last few years on pretty big releases. Sampling old rave tapes and not giving him credit on the tracks. This isnt to say that im some sample police type person. Lawd knows i think sampling is an art in itself but he’s been a friend of mine and has been MCing over my sets since i was literally 15 years old. I want him to get some credit in a place that isnt the true underground. The rave scene is so small, a little credit here or there wouldnt have taken away from the tracks. In fact, it would have added credibility. Then again, i didnt insist on crediting Nas on my first ever release, 20 years ago, did i?! lol

What are you up to next?

I would really love to tour this set or the extended 2 hour version as either a live show or 4 deck DJ set along with Ribbzy and a live AV show which is being put together as i type these answers. So that would be cool. Or even just DJ some more techno orientated gigs… but for now, im back in to writing 200bpm hardcore techno for a bit as iv got so much damn ‘regular’ techno and techno adjacent material im now sitting on. Saying that, actually, 2 of the tracks in this mix (Causal Loop Paradox and Quest for Kenneth the Space Knife) are coming out on Grey Meta next month with remixes from Cocktail Party Effect and Ben Pest. I am really looking forward to that EP seeing the light of day.

If you would like to book this show or just little ol’ me you can hit up Ash at Varispeed for all enquiries

Also do check our catalogue of releases at Grey Meta label 

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