New slamming low slung club-rekid from Hammer for our pals Optimo! Been playing this all summer and always goes down a storm. Also check out the fire B-side Tiger stripes. It’s out now and you can grab it here!


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We have been opening many of our dj sets with Will Lister’s track “Agency” which came out on Phonica Records this year. It felt natural we ask him to contribute to the mix series and see what he’s been up to.

“I’ve been doing a lot of uni work at the moment and haven’t had much of a chance to properly get into writing more music. But i’ve started using the Secretsundaze studios in London Fields which is sick because I can spend a full day there working on music and forget about uni for a bit. It tends to be that i’ll work on a few older tunes then when i’m in the swing of things have a go at writing something new. It’s nice to get out of SE London too for a bit every now and then. Everything I do is based around New Cross or Peckham really, so going and sitting on the train for 30 minutes then walking to the studio is a nice way of clearing my head before I start working on music. It helps my mentality of keeping things fresh. 

The mix was recorded at the Docks Studios in Dalston which is a great little spot. I was first introduced to the space, and to David who runs it, through doing a mix there with Fed (Axe On Wax). It’s got a great little vibe to it including a wicked system and a couple of nice outboard bits to record a mix through. David is a super nice guy and it’s a nice environment to get things done in.

I wanted to sort of summarise what i’d play in a 3-4 hour set in an hour but also without trying to over complicate it and keeping a natural flow. My sets tend to be pretty varied depending on how i’m feeling and when i’m playing, so it’s hard to show that off in a 1 hour mix, but I wanted to get a bit more dancy in this. My residency on Balamii let’s me play my more mellow tunes but I tend to save a certain vibes of tracks for the clubs so people don’t know what to expect (in a good way I hope). It’s a mix of records and digital as when I play out i’ll take a bag of records and a USB with tunes i’ve selected beforehand with me and play to the vibe. This was done in a similar way, I went through and played for an hour and worked out what would work then came back and recorded it.”

Up next…

“I’m aiming to release a mini-LP, extended EP, whatever you want to call it, at some point. I’ve got quite a few tracks i’m sitting on which i’m wanting to release as a single body of work, with more of a flow to it, like a DJ set. I’m keen to keep it in this format to challenge myself to think about releasing music differently. It’s pretty easy to just release 1 or 2 tracks at a time and then forget about them but I want to set myself a goal and try and stick to it. And anyway, i’ve still got another year and a half at uni to go so i’ll see where i’m at after that’s finished. I’m working on some remixes too for a couple of labels too at the minute so will see where they end up. Hope you enjoy the mix and hopefully see you in the dance sometime soon.”






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Killer looped out house vibes from Dublin newcomer Quinton Campbell who won the AVA x Extended Play producers competition with this track “Movements” which is part of his FM Patterns EP! Be sure the check the full thing here! Looks like we’ll be hearing much more from him in the future!


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This week delivering the FMB podcast we have Swiss producer Florin Büchel aka Contra Communem Opinionem. Back in 2012 we featured his track ‘Falling Sun’ on the blog. Since then he’s been busy touring, recording, releasing… here he is telling us more about it:

“I’ve finally finished my dissertation this year – feels great to have that off the table! Somehow, I still managed to play many cool gigs: Besides some fun new places, there have been more ambient type gigs, something I’ve only done rarely in recent years, but is always a fun opportunity to try something new. I’ve also done a bit of mixing and mastering work for friends, it’s always refreshing to work on other people’s material. Apart from that, the new Savage Grounds EP “Atrocities” just came out a few days ago, it’s a one-take oriented project with my friend D Cosmo from Lux Rec and our third EP. We have been working a lot on that earlier in the year and I’m pleased that it’s finally out now! Some other recent releases include an EP on Endless Illusion, a track on a sampler on Mosaique Records and some collab work with Robert Hecht from YuYaY records.

The mix was done at home in my little studio. Since I don’t really DJ, I cheated and used Ableton to bring it all together :)

There’s many tracks by good friends of mine in there and some variation across the spectrum of electronic music. I tried to get away with as little beatmatching as possible :) I’ve included one dedicated drone track done exclusively for this mixtape, which was created using mostly my modular synth.”

Up next…

“Recording lots of new music and getting some mixdowns done that are waiting to be finished. Some releases are coming up on Phantom Island, Photic Fields, Analogical Force and Mokujin Records, looking forward to those. There’s always some gigs lined up as well and I’ve started a couple of new collaborations that look promising. Besides that, I’m thinking about rewiring my whole studio again – every few years, the urge to do so comes up. It’s a never ending quest to come up with the perfect implementation of the pile of gear that accumulates over the years :D

Hope you enjoy the mix and cheers!”






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Jane Fitz has been slowly but surely been gaining a very loyal following  as result of her excellent taste and dj sets encompassing all the right shades of dubbed out house and techno. She has just been announced as a new resident at  Oval Space  and we are very excited to welcome her up to Glasgow for her city debut at the Feel My Bicep Show on the 3rd February at SWG3 alongside Job Jobse, Tim Sweeney, Shed (Live), Ryan Elliott, Hammer, Thunder Disco and ourselves. Tickets on sale now. link 

We caught up with her to hear what she’s been up to:

“Besides from the usual (travelling, playing records, buying records) i’ve just come back from a birthday trip to the mountains in Italy, which was a much-needed trip away without a record bag. Bliss. On the work front, i’ve been plotting and planning with the good people at the Pickle Factory/Oval Space, making plans for my residency, which begins next year. That’s taking up quite a bit of mindspace, because i really want to come up with some unusual things to augment the night, so it’s not just me playing records. We’ve got some nice things planned. And and if no one else likes or gets what I’m trying to do, well, at least I’ll enjoy it. 

The mix was recorded at home. No bells or whistles, the usual one-take, no-editing business, off a bunch of nice records. 

I haven’t done any specially recorded mixes for a while. But I have a few i’ve committed to do over the next few months (we’re doing a Night Moves tape, there will be one for a magazine and then i have some ones to go with my residency) – and this one is the first, so i wanted to make sure i did different things for each one. I wanted to do something with records that are quite accessible, but not necessarily well known.  Anyone whose heard me play out with any regularity will know that i really don’t stick to one sound – sometimes it’s techno, sometimes more proggy or synthy, sometimes i’ll play wonky old things, sometimes new.. i always chop and change my sets to keep it interesting, mainly for me! But I’d just played a Night Moves back to back set with Jade Seatle, which is our last together for a while as Jade’s on NM maternity leave – and that was a real deep mission. So i was kind of inspired to stick in that groove. But don’t worry, I’ll be back to my slowed down trance records soon, I’m sure.”

Up Next…

“Playing records weekly, somewhere. Across 2017 that means 6 dates across the Pickle Factory and Oval Space, five minutes from my front door, so i really can’t complain. And that’s the only place i’ll be playing in London in 2017 too. It’s something to get my teeth into, so i’m well excited. Also I’ve finally cut out my day job, which is odd, considering i’ve been working in journalism for over 20 years. But playing records has kind of muscled in on my time and I’ve unexpectedly had a career change, without me really noticing it until now. You hear of career women in their 40s giving up work and changing careers, usually opening a florists or coffee shop or something. So I guess this is mine. But, I can safely say that I won’t be opening a florists any time soon.”




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