This week is episode 151 of the series, & we have a “Feeling Future” mix from Davo FM. As always, we caught up with Davo to ask a few questions about it and whats on the horizon…

In June I decided to take a delivery job which has been a great distraction from the situation us DJs find ourselves in currently. Drive time is music time so work is made easy.

I have been focused on making tracks and mixing tracks, lockdown has provided time for creative people to do their thing .

I think 2020 will be remembered as one of the most exciting years for electronic music as the quality of new music being released is exceptional.

I recorded the mix in my home studio using a pioneer DJM900 NXS2 mixer and a pair of pioneer XDJ700s players digitally recorded onto DJM-REC APP on my smartphone.

The vibe of the mix quite emotive spontaneous and honest, its the risk and reward in the mixing process that excites me .The track selection is from this year and last mainly with the exception of a 10 year old Royksopp track called the drug which lives in the heart of the mix.

We all love music, its the heartbeat of our existence so to be able to include friends music on this mix was definitely a Joy for me …big ups to Jay @Blottertrax Berlin , Jay @Harem tone Dublin & Daniel Weathley for vocals on my track “Joypad” which is the opening track in the mix and is due for release soon on Guerrilla Movement Uk

Up next…

Next mission is to write some nice tunes I can play in my DJ set and maybe some edits of friends music

But most importantly for me is to continue enjoying the creative process.

Big ups & thanks to Matt & Andy for reaching out.


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Up next for episode 150 on the series is a mix from DJ, producer & label owner, REES. The Paradiso Records founder very recently dropped a new EP on Zone Focus, so first we caught up to find out what else he’s been up to and what the idea is behind the mix:

Like most of the world, COVID-19 has put the handbrakes on a lot of what I have been working on, to be honest. It’s a shame as up until lockdown things were starting to click with shows locked in Amsterdam, Germany and all across the UK. Once things clear up these will get re-arranged.
I guess the big positive that has come out of this newfound normality is the free time. I’ve put a lot of time into my label, Paradiso Records. Revamping our branding, prepping for releases and planning for the next 12 months. Also, I have recently satisfied an itch that so desperately needed scratching and bought myself Juno-106 and Oberheim Matrix-1000 so as you can imagine I practically live in my studio now.

Obviously, with the lockdown, the logistics have become a bit more complicated. I’ve converted one of the rooms in my house in the mighty Boro into a home studio. This mix was recorded on a set of trusty old Pioneer CDJ 900s and mixer.

In three words? ’80’s power hour. In all seriousness, I wanted to demonstrate what I am all about. There is a selection of new and old tracks that pay homage to the greatest decade of music the ’80s. When I’m in the mix I like to keep things slow and psychedelic to start before building the energy and finishing with what it is all about, Italo-disco. A lot of vintage synths and phat snares with a sprinkle of panorama bar – that’s me.

Up next…

I’ve just dropped my Panoramic Love EP on Zone Focus last month. And have also just signed some music to Nein Records and have my first 12” coming out on Shadow City which I’m super proud of. In terms of shows, I don’t want to jinx anything but the possibility is no longer unrealistic and it is looking like I’ll be in Lithuania and London this month with Edinburgh, Grimsby and Newcastle to follow shortly after for some safe dancing. Fingers crossed the country keeps moving in the right direction.


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Next up on the FMB Mixtape Series is French producer Nathan Melja. With a string of releases on the likes of Mister Saturday Night, Technicolour and Opal Tapes, he also recently debuted on Kalahari Oyster Cult with “Synesthesia”. As always, we asked him what he’s been up to and what the idea is behind his mix:

I’ve been enjoying the summer with my friends and family, also trying to get my head outside of production and more into digging music recently.

The mix was recorded at my place during a sunny morning, windows open. I recorded it with one DJM 250, one Technics SL 1210 and two CDJ 850 that friends gave me. I didn’t really have any specific idea behind this mix expect that this is definitely a set I would play at an Open air party during the day or in the late morning.

I’m currently working on my own label that should be ready for October :) Other than that, I really feel at peace these days learning other skills than music and enjoying the life.

Thanks for having me ! :)

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For this week’s episode of the FMB mixtape series, we’re excited to have C’est Qui in the mix!  C’est Qui are Closet Yi & Naone, a DJ duo from Seoul. As usual we fired some questions over to ask a bit about the mix & what they’ve been up to recently…

Closet Yi: For us, I think it definitely has been a difficult time because we couldn’t meet each other since Naone moved to Amsterdam. Our plans were to meet at the start of the Festival season in Europe, but things got really bad in March and we had to cancel everything. All of our friends in Seoul was really worried about Naone at first, but she settled down well in her new home with great friends. I’ve been spending most of my time in the studio or walking around the city. I lost a lot of weight thanks to less drinking I think haha.

Naone: Three full months have passed since the lockdown. It was a bit disappointing having the corona crisis right after I moved here and being gig-less, but I guess everyone is struggling at the moment. Now I live for nice house parties (with the social distance of course!).

CQ: This is a very special one because due to the circumstances we couldn’t do a b2b mix as we used to. We wanted to record the mix when we meet in Amsterdam in June!

However, we carefully arranged the tracks and discussed the mood, and recorded each half in two different cities(Seoul and Amsterdam) and gave feedback to each other and re-mixed parts that we don’t like.

Closet Yi: I thought of Naone. I think that was the key idea. I wanted to choose tracks that she would like, some trancey sounds and spacey drone effects. Also wanted to introduce some of my favourite artists from Asia. Sojeso and Mignon just released an EP ’90 broke’ from Korean Label Honey Badger Records, I also put in another collaboration track by big brother Mr. Ho and Mogwaa from Klasse Wrecks. I love the first track as well, it’s from Sunju Haragun’s new EP ‘Extans Mantra’.

Naone: Another half of the mix is with some trance, techno, and emotional ending with the remix track by S.O.N.S!!

Up next…

Closet Yi: I’m dying to go for some outdoor activities like a road trip! Want to enjoy the summer a little bit after this lockdown. I’m personally scheduled to release in two different compilation albums soon, one from London and another from Thailand.

Naone: Fingers crossed for C’est Qui’s bright future for post-Corona times. Hope to see my partner in crime Closet Yi soon.

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This week’s episode of the FMB mixtape series comes from producer & DJ R.Kitt, one of the driving forces behind Dublin’s dip party. Along with a bit about the mix, we found out what he’s been up to lately…

Ah sure, you know yourself! With everything that’s happening right now in the world, I think everyone is just trying to get by day by day. The emotional volatility is something I’ve talked to a lot of friends about, everything is so up and down and the pace at which one’s mood can change is pretty intense. The future is so uncertain, especially for dance music and for any type of gathering together to dance, so it’s hard to focus on doing anything related to that because it all seems so arbitrary! I’ve been trying to fill my days with practical stuff, doing a lot of live radio shows on Dublin Digital Radio, an online community radio station we have here in Dublin. Been working as part of the Give Us the Night campaign to try and highlight the extremity of the situation in Ireland and call for urgent reform to licensing for night clubs and music venues, as recovery for our sector is going to need all the help it can get. Recently launched a record label to release my own music called Orainn. And then desperately trying to finish new ideas, although this is proving to be super difficult for me right now! Time seems to be folding in on itself and each day is bleeding seamlessly into the next!

The mix was recorded in my studio on a pair of CDJs and a Pioneer mixer. I had just gotten back in after restrictions were lifted, and finally had the opportunity to turn the volume up, which was an amazing relief. To feel the physical effect of the music was something I missed so much.

The mix was an attempt to distil that emotional volatility that I think lots of us have been experiencing into an hour of music. I wanted the mix to shift quickly, but coherently, from one mood to the next. I’ve found it has been hard to settle into a mood for any extended period of time over the last few months, cycling rapidly between deep introspection, giddy happiness, despairing anger, naïve hopefulness and overwhelming cynicism. Emotionally, I wanted the mix to reflect all that. One song that was central to the mix was Riot by Underground Resistance. The anger and tension in that song, written 29 years ago, is something that seemed so present and relevant to the current struggles that are happening globally against racial oppression. As a white person who works in dance music, the last few weeks have been such an education and hopefully the beginning of an on-going effort and conversation to front up to the realities of racial inequalities in the world. The black pioneering creators of techno were summoning and channelling the emotions of their struggle into the origins of the music we all now participate in. We cannot forget that. There is certainly hope for change now, as the ugly truths of this oppression against BIPOC are dragged into the light, but there should be no mistake that this struggle has been going on for such a long time.

Up next…

Who knows!  Do you know something I don’t?! I hope to release the second Orainn EP before the summer is out. Hopefully now that I’m back in the studio, I can finally get back to finishing tracks. This summer was going to be one filled with a bunch of exciting gigs and festivals, but obviously it’s all shelved for everyone right now. Hopefully I’ll get to share a few more mixes and tracks, and be ready to go when we get back to dancing together. The dream of that dance is so firmly planted in my mind I can almost taste it!

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