This week on the FMB Mixtape series we welcome Mr. Sosa, the Bournemouth native DJ and producer whose project was born out of the Lofi house era with hooky, dreamlike, broken-beat electronica. After selling out shows across Europe, he’s signed with S.C.D.D and Platoon where he’ll release his first album late 2024. We first caught up with him to find out about the mix and what he’s been up to lately…

I’ve been working on my debut album, it’s been in the works for a while but I’m really trying to hone in on my sound and create a timeless piece of art. I think that’s always going to take more effort and longer to do than you originally think, but hopefully I’ll be able to put it out into the world soon!

I recorded this mix in my home studio on my cdj’s, I’m fortunate enough to have a great setup that I’ve been building for quite a while, as I’m also a mastering engineer and spend almost everyday in my studio engineering and producing.

The main idea was to debut lots of tunes and edits I’ve been making over the last year or so that I haven’t had many chances to test and some gems I’ve been digging. I went for big bassy energy and even some hardgroove as I love playing samba/hardgroove drums in my sets, they just get people going. I crammed a lot of music into this mix and it’s basically a snippet of where my heads at in the club scene right now.

Up Next…

I’m looking forward to playing some festivals like Boardmasters and Hijacked alongside some really great artists and hopefully travelling to some new places. But of course making more music and finishing the album is also a priority!


1. Mr. Sosa – Parabellum I [Unreleased]

2. Mr. Sosa – Parabellum II [Unreleased]

3. Fold – Billa

4. Panaflex – About You [Unreleased]

5. Bakey – Jackpot

6. Special Request, Novelist – Silver (Kettama Remix)

7. Lepsi – Drop Tha Glock

8. Mr. Sosa – Rubber Ducky Don’t Lie [Unreleased]

9. Run For Cover – It Only Gets Ruffer

10. Hamdi – Counting (Taiki Nulight Remix)

11. Mr. Sosa – Lean Lean [Unreleased]

12. Aphex Twin – Digeridoo (Mr. Sosa VIP Edit) [Unreleased]

13. Overmono – Arla Fearn

14. DJ Heartstring – Baby Keem Flip

15. LXNGVX – Montagem Mysterious Game (Mr. Sosa Samba Edit) [Unreleased]

16. Soul Mass Transit System – I Can’t (B With U)

17. Essence – Magalenha Edit

18. Mr. Sosa – Jai Alai [Unreleased]

19. Mr. Sosa – Active Reactive [Unreleased]

20. Daphni – Cherry

21. Regent – Encoder

22. Nathan Melja – Synesthesia (Pariah Remix)

23. Lokey- Einfach

24. Joy Orbison – flight fm

25. Bakey, Capo Lee – Serious Mic Man (Bakey VIP Mix)

26. Young Muscle – Club Apparitions

27. Rosalia, Rauw Alejandro – Vampiros (Small Crab Edit)

28. The Streets x Mr. Sosa – We All Smile (Edit)

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This week on the FMB Mixtape series we welcome DJ wiggles, UK Based DJ and founder / curator of the event and mix series ‘Kinetic’. She leans into the soundscapes of dubstep, bass, techno & half time, paying homage to UK sounds, past and present. We first caught up to find out a bit about the mix & what she’s been up to lately…

I started the year off pretty busy & focussed but Aprils been a much needed slower month for me. We recently adopted a rescue dog so a lot of time has been spent on helping him adjust to his new life, and creativity levels have been fairly varied so I’ve tried not to push myself too much. Lots of walks, nature & wholesome activities – getting my fix before the summer & festival season begins.

The mix was recorded at home on 2 x xdj 700s, 2 x technic 1210s and a xone 23. I love my little set up, it’s super cosy – if I could transport my home set up with me everywhere I would, it’s a safe space for me for sure :) Ive also been trying to play more records again, so was really nice to have a bunch of stuff I could play for this.

I’ve had a bit of a rollercoaster start to the year & like many people, been feeling pretty emotionally drained. When coming up with a concept for this, I thought about what bicep’s music (and the platform) had meant to me when I was in my 20s, and settled on something emotional and nostalgic. This mix is in part a fairly raw response to how I’ve been feeling emotionally recently, but also a collection of some of my favourite records which I’ve loved for years and will love forever.

Dubstep can be a super emotional genre but it’s not something I hear out very often, or that I get a chance to play a lot so this felt like the perfect opportunity. This is my favourite kind of dubstep, the late night / early morning rollers which really tug on the heartstrings, tears in the club kind of vibe.

I have very nostalgic memories surrounding these records and it was both a pleasure and a challenge putting them together. I feel like a heavy weight has been lifted after recording this mix, so hopefully this evokes a similar emotion for the listeners.

Sad girl dubstep ✅

Up next…

I’ve got a few London shows over the next couple of weeks, starting with queens yard, planet wax & spanners. I also have my next kinetic event at ormside projects on the 17th with Struction, Jurango & Ryo Kurashina, as well as my Berlin debut at the end of the month before festival season kicks off! Other than that I’m just busy growing the kinetic brand, focussing on launching as a label with our first release due at the end of this year – watch this space!


1. Djrum – St Martin

2. Mala – I Wait, Part II

3. Congi – Rotation

4. Shackleton – Headcleaner

5. Pinch & Shackleton – Jellybones

6. Pinch – Widescreen

7. Pinch – Brighter Day ft. Juakali

8. Pinch – Elements

9. VOOCOO – Parry Dub

10. RSD – Kingfisher

11. Ramadanman – Blimey

12. Peverelist – Esperanto

13. Djrum – Plead With Me

14. Pangaea – Bear Witness

15. Asusu – Togetherness

16. Pangaea – Router

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On this weeks FMB Mixtape series, we welcome RUTHLSS, a London-based composer, classically trained pianist, DJ and electronic music producer who blends techniques from her vast skill set with electronic and dance music. Let’s catch up first about the mix and what she’s been up to recently…

I’ve been busy finishing lots of music for my debut solo electronic and classical releases, as well as working on some exciting collab tracks lined up for later this year too. I recently played Fabric Room 1 for the first time which was a long held dream of mine and I’m still not over it tbh! I’m spending most days at home enjoying figuring out my new live set and experimenting with lots of out there ideas before the release schedule soon becomes the priority.

I recorded this mix using CDJs at a studio in East London

The idea for the mix came mostly from wanting to include a few of my own unreleased tracks and building a journey from there – they’re all slightly varied in genre but have a similar feeling of simultaneous sadness and euphoria. This led me to approach the mix more like a mixtape of current favourites than a club set, though it does inevitably become more of a club set in the middle :) There’s everything spanning from techno / hardgroove to bass / breaks and some choral elements in there too.

Up next …

More DJ gigs soon and I’m especially excited about this new festival High Lights where I’m warming up before Max Cooper and Kelly Lee Owens.

Other than that I’m continuing with the live set prep, scoring another short film and gearing up for my solo releases. I’m so excited to share the music – it’s been a long time coming!



2. Giulia Tess & Lawrence Hart – More Data To Survive


4. u.r. trax – Coco Tunnel

5. Joy Orbison – flight fm

6. Splash Pattern – Furnace

7. Doctor Jeep – Push The Body

8. Dylan Fogarty.& Tommy Lewis – Playa

9. Monteagudo – Dj Pipén

10. Dj bluegucci – Off White

11. DJ Gigola – In The Mood

12. DJ Swisherman – Pushin Keys

13. Dylan Fogarty – Track 3

14. CRUSH3d – Brick!

15. R4VF – C.C.L.

16. Malugi & Marlon Hoffstadt – Faster Alone

17. Question Mark – The Birds

18. Vizionn – Run 

19. Pegassi – Yo Yo Yo

20. S.U.N. Project – Statistic (Atmos Ultra Remix) 

21. Mamba – Mayonnaise

22. Paraadiso – Unisono

23. M.I.A. – XR2 (RUTHLSS Edit)

24. Oswald – Faust

25. Ternion Sound – Swiss Army Dub

26. Metrist – Bputch


28. Overmono – Blow out


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This week on the FMB Mixtape series, we welcome Rob Glasset, better known as Fold into the mix. Fold is a London-based producer and DJ, as well as owner of FLDIN2, long-standing resident at NTS and he also co runs East London’s Well Street Records. As always, we first caught up with Rob to find out about the mix & what he’s been up to lately…

Recently, I supported Overmono on the UK leg of their world tour. I’ve also been busy finishing off material to release on my newly launched label FLDIN2 – as well as co running Well Street Records with my old friend Sam Fussell.  Add an NTS Radio residency and a full time job of testing water in commercial buildings around London into the mix and it’s pretty mental at the moment.

I recorded this mix in my modest home studio – 2 x technics 1210’s, 2 x CDJ400 + 1 x DJM 250 – 2 channel mixer – apologies to the neighbours.

The main idea behind the mix is #Dubplateseason. Showcasing new and unreleased material from producers that I really rate + my own unreleased material. When I recorded the mix back in January I would say 50% of the tracks were demos or waiting to be mastered. The mix is centred around the current modernist, dark, UKG garage sound. But rather than being akin to the revivalist UKG movement that’s having a bit of moment, I’m more interested in the sounds that are pushing forward into a newer territory altogether. It seems a bit too easy to just replicate an old genre, I feel like progression and experimentation should be at the heart of any new production.

Aside from that there’s also some rare, forgotten gems in the mix as a reference point – bits that I would hear on Force FM as a teenager driving around in my Ford Escort. I also wanted to represent something that would just straight up bang in a club and move a crowd because I enjoy doing that too.

Up next…

Some UK gigs are lining up. Some remixes are on the horizon too. Lots of things are bubbling for Well street Records at the moment. But mostly, I’m looking forward to continuing to work on new FLDIN2 material as I’m really feeling inspired to operate in that space right now. I’ve got about 10 dubs I need to put the finishing touches on and get released.


  1. Granul – Sade

  2. Pent1 – ??? (Well St Records)

  3. Bloodhound – Point In Time

  4. Coido – Gamma 1

  5. 1TK – Bootroot

  6. XL Regular – XL Boogie

  7. Panix – Rudeboy (edit)

  8. Guigs – Everytime (edit)

  9. HAelix – Essence

  10. Veter3nz – Let It Go (Curry Mutton Mix)

  11. Buckley – ??? (Well Street Records)

  12. Coza – Dis one

  13. Arfa – Real Badman (Bakey Remix)

  14. Royal Flush – Thinkin

  15. Some Treat – Lost in Vegas

  16. JJ Louis – Overdrive (Untitled Mix 2)

  17. Beatfreaks – X Rated

  18. Forward Motion – Badmann

  19. Badboy – Badboy (2Step Mix)

  20.Blaze – Check one ft MC Juiceman

  21. Coza – Para

  22. Fold – ??? (FLDIN2)

  23. SPMC – Inside Looking Out

  24. Arfa – Transit

  25. El b – Bubble (Dub)

  26. Fold – ??? (FLDIN2)

  27. Fold – Billa

  28. Fold – ??? (FLDIN2)


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This week on the FMB Mixtape Series, we welcome the DJ KEYRAH, onto Feel My Bicep. She’s known for playing a magnitude of genres with her eclectic approach to her curations blending seamlessly across club and radio settings. She has played at the likes of KOKO, Fabric and XOYO and hosted guest mixes for BBC 1Extra, Soulection and NTS Radio. Let’s catch up to find out about the mix & what she’s been up to lately…

March has been a busy month! I played both my Drumsheds and Ministry of Sound debuts which were super fun. I’ve just launched my new night Misc; so there’s been a lot of planning and preparation going into that, the first date was back home in Birmingham and we’ve got the London play this week (which I’m currently prepping my set for)

I recorded this mix at home on my pioneer controller, in the early hours of the morning (as per usual). I’m a night owl, I feel like all my best ideas come to me between the hours of 12-4am lol

Most of my mixes are a bit of a journey through sounds and this one is no different, it reflects a lot of what I’ve been to lately. I’m actually terrible with genres but I’d say it’s got an electronic-jazzy-house vibe to it mixed with some broken beat and heavy basslines (tried my best).

Up next…

Prepping for a busy summer, this will be my first taste of festival season so I’m quite excited. I’m gonna take some downtime at the start of April before the madness descends, but I’m excited to play Brick Lane Jazz Festivals After Party at Village Underground at the end of the month; it’s a really nice line up and actually my first time playing that venue so I think it’ll be a great vibe.


  1. Miro – berlioz, Ted Jasper

  2. Doing it Wrong – Drake (Umgido Bootleg)

  3. Snake Jazz – Felipe Gordon

  4. Linked – Bonobo

  5. Say Yes – VanJess, TOKiMONSTA

  6. Makeshift Tourniquet – Vegyn

  7. What Would You Do? – Dames Brown, Amp Fiddler, Andrés (Folamour Remix)

  8. Get 2 Know u – Never Dull

  9. Les Gout – Rampa, Chuala, Keinemusik

  10. The Boy Is Mine – James Mac, Vall, Rosalie

  11. Sunday Showers – Kentphonik

  12. House of Lucien – Close Counters

  13. Frontin K2 Re Edit – Karizma

  14. We Are One – Black Coffee, Hugh Masekela (Original Dub)

  15. Yebba’s Heartbreak – Drake, Yebba (DJ Alone Again Edit)

  16. Something On My Mind – Supershy

  17. Love Dub – Cooly G (Refix)

  18. All This Love That I’m Giving – Gwen McCrae (Broke One Remix)

  19. Dance With Me – DONSURF

  20. Dr Dubz – Shall I Bruk it

  21. When I’m In Your Arms – Joe Vanditti

  22. 93 TILL – Sam Deeley

  23. Bad Space Habits – Seb Wildblood

  24. GAS – Drewbyrd


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