For this week’s episode of the FMB Mixtape series, we have a mix from the Melbourne-based producer, DJ, singer, and songwriter, Marli.  As always, we first caught up with her to find out what she’s been up to lately & to tell us a bit about the mix…

Melbourne has just come out of lockdown, and the city is experiencing relative normality for the first time in 2 years, so I’ve really been making the absolute most of our new found freedoms! Lots of pub meals, picnics, dancing, and of course very happy to be back doing gigs. I just had a birthday aswell, and with the start of summer coinciding with the city opening up, there’s truly a magic energy in the air – it seems everyone is on cloud nine – as am I. 

I recorded this on a sunny Wednesday afternoon, right after finishing work, with a beer in hand, and overlooking a beautiful view of Melbourne city at a friends house. So the vibes and happiness levels were high whilst recording this one, and I hope that translates. I used my dear friend Bella’s CDJ 2000’s and Pioneer DJM.

I intended for this mix to journey through all the different styles and genres that I love the most: Chicago influenced house, Detroit techno, breakbeat and UKG – whilst upholding the key stylistic features that made me fall in love with dance music. All the tracks that I’ve selected dip into different decades and genres, but all hold a gritty, overdriven, lofi tipped sound. I think this is the best showcase of my own personal musical style. 

Up next…

I have a big few months ahead that I’m gearing up towards! My debut EP ‘Mood Independent’ will be coming out via a local label called Ilio Records this summer – which will be my first record. I also have two other releases coming out on some local compilations. Very keen to be back playing at my favourite Melbourne event Let Them Eat Cake on NYD, and will be playing at smalltown Street Rave event alongside some huge names including Ben Klock & Stephan Bodzin – so I’m counting down to that! I feel like I, and so many fellow creatives, have lost so many opportunities in the last couple of years due to Covid-19, so I’m really looking forward to things getting back on track this summer, diving back into doing what I love. 


  1. Mashupheadz – Blue Skies
  2. Pepe – You Must Not Be Me
  3. Benedek – Lighten Up
  4. Callisto – Can’t Wait
  5. Luca Lozano – Gun Fingers
  6. Nicola Cruz – Barretto (Tienes Algo)
  7. Anna Wall & Corbi – DAT 3
  8. E.B.E – Thinking
  9. Marli – Meet Me At The Corner Of
  10. Bakongo x Spectr – Off Guard
  11. DJ Plead – Espresso
  12. Freakenstein – FFFFFREAKAAAY (Original Mix)
  13. Toby Tobias – Trippy Steve (Fantastic Man Dub)
  14. Denham Audio & Coco Bryce – Single Minded People
  15. Florist & Nathan Melja – Wonderland (Florist Version)
  16. Tata Box Inhibitors – Protein (Darren Emerson’s Underwater Mix)
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For this week’s episode of the FMB Mixtape Series, we welcome Aldonna, the Melbourne-based DJ & producer. As always we asked what she’s been up to recently and to tell us about the mix…

Well for the last 6-7 months , Melbourne, the city I live in has been in a pretty hard lockdown. There has been no live music events for the duration of this lockdown which has been really disheartening, but I tried to make the most of all of this free time I had. I’ve been working on a debut EP which I’m so happy to say is finally finished! I’ve also been doing lots of digging for new music to add to my collection, which has been keeping me inspired and optimistic for when things open up again. Aside from music I’ve been getting really into my exercise , probably feeling the fittest I’ve ever felt at the moment, it’s been great for my mental clarity throughout this time. Cooking and baking has also been my biggest lockdown coping mechanism for sure. Making lots of yummy vegan treats is incredibly therapeutic. 

This mix was recorded at home, on a Pioneer XDJXR2.

The thing that I have probably been missing the most throughout this pandemic has been open air camping festivals, or as we like to call them here in Australia “Bush Doofs”. It’s been a long 2 years without them, and my body and soul is craving a solid 4 day boogie with friends. When I made this mix I wanted it to be an uplifting euphoric affair. Something that you’d hear just as you were finding all of your friends again at the stage, with the sun slowly setting, rearing into the mischievous night ahead. It’s a bit of a journey that takes you from day to night with many peaks and valleys. I also wanted to showcase my love affair with the old school, as well as still incorporate some new sounds that I’m really digging at the moment. 

Up next…

Hopefully with the end of lockdown nearing, a busy summer of gigs which I am so excited for. I can’t wait to be able to test out some music that I’ve been working on, hear it on a proper sound system, and feel the crowds energy again! I also began a music production course at the beginning of the year which was put on hold because of lockdown, so i am very keen to get right back into that and continue to develop my skills further in this area.


  1. Embracing The Sunshine (Embracing The Future Mix)– BT
  2. So Smooth (Original Mix) – Joe Smooth
  3. Schmoo – Spooky
  4. Transorbital Express – Jad & The
  5. The Party (Original Mix) – Black Traxx
  6. Ethnic Prayer (Mix 1) – Havana
  7. Flight DH 2126 – The Wavecatcher
  8. Hold Tight – Bow-Bellow
  9. Dance (Original Mix) – Nice Girl
  10. Groovy Beat (The From Within Mix) – D.O.P
  11. N-Joy (Original Mix) Mellow Tracks
  12. Big Bark Manifesto (Original Mix) – Eden Burns
  13. Funny Walker (Da Techno Bohemian Mix) – The Difference
  14. Feel Free (Radio Edit) – Chapter 9
  15. Never Enough – Love Foundation
  16. Sexy Lady (Club Mix) – Team Deep
  17. The Gonzo (Original Mix) – Lost
  18. Sun Express (Emergency Mix) – Fantastic Man
  19. Unreleased – Aldonna
  20. Never Enough (Dub) (Dj Jean & Peran Mix) – Dj Ton T.B
  21. Existential Crisis (Original Mix) – Furious Frank
  22. Dancing Sparks (Original Mix) – A Jolly Good Fellow
  23. Planet of Dreams (Kinky Toys Mix) – Ceremony X
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For this week’s episode of our mixtape series, we’re happy to have the Australian DJ and producer Willem at the dials. As usual, we asked a bit about his selection & what’s he’s been up to lately…

With lockdown still in full swing and no club nights or festivals currently allowed in Melbourne, recently I’ve been focusing most of my energy into studio time and working on as much new music as I can, in preparation for what will hopefully be a full summer of parties. It’d be great to have a nice little catalogue of tracks for dance floor testing and hopefully can lead to some releases in the new year. 

This mix was cooked up in the lab at my house via Ableton. Both CDJs and Ableton has their place in my heart, but I do love using a DAW for mixes and having the flexibility of layering multiple tracks down, enhancing different layers and creating different vibes in the process.

The idea of the mix was to create an engaging journey for the listener with energetic breaks, euphoric trance sounds and plenty of dance floor heat. I love putting together a selection of music that builds, ebbs and flows, and tells a bit of a story… and alwaaaays finishes strong. Most of the selections are by artists that heavily influence my sound, including Oz artists like Escape Artist and Roza Terenzi. You’ll also hear my love for classic trance sounds, with homage paid to scene icons like Paragliders, Spicelab and Binary Finary. 

Up next…

Alongside studio time, I’ve got a bunch of upcoming gigs that I’m super keen for and can hopefully go ahead. Smalltown Street Rave in December with the Novel crew and Let them Eat Cake NYD will be highlights. I’m also working on a bunch of shows with my event imprint Gold Haus which I run with my dear friend Austin. We’ve got a cool warehouse party and some club nights lined up as well as some sick public spaces we’ve been investigating for a summer rave series. There’s light at the end of the tunnel! 

Thanks so much for having me on!!


Who Opened the Door to Nowhere – Jam & Spoon

Exposure to Winds – 214

Love and or Hate Trigger – Client_03

Sorace – Morphology

Splash Girl – Hank LW

Reaffirming Eternity – Voiski

1538 – 3KZ

Come Wid it – Mani Festo

Digital Natives – Escape Artist

Lithium – Paragliders

Feathers (Terry Brown Jr. Remix) – Spicelab

Intergalactic Espionage – Adam Pits

Dream Portal – Ronan

Warpgate – Phazma

Weltschmerz (Willem’s Speedy Breaks Edit) – Klangkuenstler

NFT Acid – Pixelord

Deep Learning – Lisene

Wasp Of A Woman – Tapestry of Sound (Roza Terenzi & D.Tiffany)

Hypnotic (Binary Finary Remix) – UKW

Bull of Heavens – Fruit

Astral Talk – KAS:ST

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Next up on the FMB Mixtape series is a mix from 9th House, a new project by Firas Waez (AKA Waze), apparently born after many nights in Berlin playing at Panorama Bar & inspired by the zodiac. As usual, we fired some questions over to find out a bit about the mix & what he’s been up to recently…

I’ve been busy in the studio and still getting to travel a little bit. Most recently went to Cappadocia to do the balloons with some friends – it was amazing and definitely up there as one of the best things I’ve ever experienced. It’s hard to put it all into words but you turn up in the pitch black to a large dusty field to the sight and sound of hot air balloons coming to life – as the day breaks you head up into the sky. The views are surreal, and an amazing mood takes hold of you. Would highly recommend. 

I’ve been in Ibiza working from here for the week so I’ve been collecting ideas, records and thoughts over the last week. It’s a happy place for me here, I worked a season here in 2003 and I’ve never looked back. It’s got a certain reputation but that’s definitely shifting and people are seeing the fabric of the island, particularly the North – there’s definitely a feeling to Ibiza. 

I mix live in the club but on this occasion, I’ve been working off Ableton to put the mix together – some people say it has a certain sound which is a bit of a misstatement. It’s literally an 8 track that you can record on and in the same vein as writing music, you can have some fun with mixes on there and re-create a different vibe. It’s a different mix, much like CDJs are different to Vinyl. I don’t get overly twisted on the ins and outs. I started on decks back in 2003, I did that! I still love mixing records but also love the capabilities of CDJ’s – you have to move with the times sometimes and each to their own. 

I wanted to get the mix right and showcase a few influences and sounds – there are some exclusive 9th House numbers in there that I’ve been testing out and are coming out soon. There’s a few classics thrown in there too but lots of producers I’m loving right now. I played recently at Wilderness, and then more recently with Gerd Jansen in Montenegro – so I’ve been getting back out there again and road testing some energies and moods. This mix is very much the last month or so, in one piece. 

Up next…

Flying home back to the UK; I’ve got a release coming up on Running Back, something on DJ Haus’ Hot Haus label and I’m back in the studio soon to work on some new materials. 9th House started a bit more EMO but since we’ve been coming out of the abyss of lockdown etc, the music’s definitely just outright happy vibes at the minute. 

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Next up on the FMB Mixtape Series is a mix from Melbourne-based DJ & producer, Gumm. As usual, we fired some questions over to find out a bit about the selection & what he’s been up to recently…

Recently Melbourne has been in some pretty heavy lockdowns, so I’ve been spending them completing my first EP, starting another, plus a few singles. It’s a bummer not having gigs but I’m feeling positive about the upcoming summer.

The mix was recorded in the comfort of my home, via my good pal Ableton.

The idea behind the mix was to blend an hour of high-energy, rolling indie dance and electronica. A lot of the artists on the tracklist are incredible talents, in what is still a somewhat niche genre. I resonated with this style after the first sniff I got of it, and it’s been a wonderful relationship ever since. 

Up next…

If things work out the way we’re hoping in Melbourne, I’ll be playing at some great events including smalltown Bridge Rave (Sat 4th Dec), Let Them Eat Cake NYD, smalltown Street Rave (Sun 6th Mar), and some club shows.

Thanks a bunch for having me <3


Cooper Saver – Reflection (Sunrise Version) (Gumm’s Airport Edit)

Dreems – An Ancient Eddiitt

Museum Of Love – Marching Orders (Red Axes Remix)

Chinaski – Energy 1 (Original Mix)

Hanzo & Yaman – Die Neue Welt (The Juan Maclean Remix)

Madonna – Vogue (Younger Than Me Edit)

Luke Alessi – ID [Unreleased]

Leo af Ekenstam – Stanford Torus (Original Mix) [Unreleased]

Dance Station – PopFizz (Benjamin Fröhlich Remix)

Gumm – ID [Unreleased]

Black Spuma – Miracoli (Original Mix)

REES – Enter The Realm (Curses Remix)

Echonomist – Death Goes To Disco feat. Phunkadelica (Phunkadelica Acid I Love You Mix)

Damon Jee, Darlyn Vlys – Apocalypsis (Original Mix)

Kim Wilde – You Keep Me Hangin’ On (Gumm ft Sassafrass Edit)

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