Love this cut from Timelines, the LP from Instra:mental that came out last year. Has a proper Bladerunner feel to it, amazing glassy synths and rolling beat, production tight as you would expect from these guys. If you are a fan of this would highly recommend checking out Severent by Kudeo which takes a more direct Bladerunner hommage.

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One of my favourite pieces of OPN’s work, The Fall into Time, from 2013. Came back to this one after watching Uncut Gems which he did the soundtrack for, and it helped elevate an already great film to a new level. Moog did a great piece, behind the scenes of the soundtrack ( word of warning it will prob make you want a Moog one, and at 8k that’s a decent dent ;)

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So now we finally have a bit of enforced downtime it seems like the perfect excuse to dust off the blog. A lot has changed in the ‘blogosphere’ since we started it back in 2008, we started this to share music with our mates, we feel our friends can do with sightly more than just a Spotify link over WhatsApp now we have some spare minutes.

Starting us off is one of my fav tracks off Souvlaki by Slowdive. Over the summer 19, I started to revisit old albums I hadn’t listened to in ages and when in my teens used to have in the car non-stop. This was one of them. More and more we have started to try and get a more ‘band’ approach when it comes to making music, so when I listened back to this after years it instantly had the fuzzy liveness that is pretty hard to get with electronic music. If in doubt just stick everything through a Re-501 or Space Echo and you get a small way to there, either way, love that sound and these guys encapsulate that on this record a lot.


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For this week’s episode of our mixtape series, we’re keeping up the momentum & are happy to have fellow Northern Irish DJ and producer Kessler at the dials. As usual, we asked a bit about his selection & what’s he’s been up to lately…

For years I have wanted to live in the Netherlands, so at the tail end of last year I finally took the plunge & set up shop in Rotterdam. As with any move abroad, I’m still getting used to this amazing city and country, exploring & meeting some pretty sound people all the time. For now, I’m just working on getting my studio back together and seeing what’s good in Rotterdam, plenty of free time now cause of the Coronavirus.

Apart from that I’ve been back and forth between here and UK & Ireland, with a couple gigs in Belfast, Mixmag Lab London and introducing myself to Holland club scene.

I recorded this mix in my flat in Rotterdam, I used two pioneer cdjs, a 1210 and my beloved Xone 92, accompanied by a few Dutch beers

Quarantine Bangers. Nah jokes, I had a few ideas about the mix, as I like to mix longer sets, I tried to showcase my sound(s) in just one hour so it’s pretty varied. The word eclectic gets thrown around like mad but if I stick to the same 4/4 techno for a whole set or mix, I just get bored, so I try throw some curveballs in all the time and switch genre. Whether its jungle, electro or more obscure bass music etc.

Up next…

Got an EP called “Amazonia” coming out with my hometown label Born Sleepy next week. Very excited to be getting stuck in to throwing raves again so I’m starting a new club night over here in Rotterdam called Meraki in April and then I’m playing Red Light Radio in Amsterdam & Manchester with Animistic Beliefs for The Other, great guys! Then end of the month I’m back on Operator Radio. All about AVA 2020 in May though!

Plans for an album are also underway…

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Up next on the series is a mix from Richard Fearless. The Death in Vegas and Black Acid founder recently released his first full-length under his own name – Deep Rave Memory – via Fearless’ own Drone label. As usual, we caught up to hear a bit about the mix and what he’s been up to lately…

Just finished the follow-up album to Deep Rave Memory which will be released in later this year.

The mix was recorded at the Metal Box, which is in East London on the peninsula of land between the River Lea and the Thames. I play vinyl only and used two 1210s and my Vestax PMC-46, which is the set up I’ve had since I started Djing.

I was thinking about this time when I was art college and my mates and I were driving to a rave in Chislehurst Caves. We all started coming up on these little fellas just as ‘Bug Kann and the Plastic Jam’ came on this wonky cassette, that mental Bleep sounding top line, pure bliss, mass euphoria kicked in. I wanted to do a mix centred on that song and memory.

Up next…

Producing a band, finishing an art show and prepping a Richard Fearless AV live set.


1. Redshape ‘Seduce Me’ Delsin

2. Zeta Reicula ‘A Common Motion Through Space’ Electrix

3. Shake  (Anthony Shakir) Frictionalized  Frictional Recordings 

4. Roy of the Ravers ‘Transmission 303’ Acid Waxa

5. DJ Mike Died ‘98K Live’ Rephlex

6  Exterminador ‘You Are Not Alone’

7 .Soundhack ‘A2’ 

8. MMM ‘Unterm Messa’ MMM 

9.  Bug Kann and the Plastic Jam ‘Made in Two Minutes’ white label

10  Like a Tim  ‘Sundown’  Clone

11. Scott Edwards ‘Strange Moon’ (Sterac mix) Fifth Freedom

12. Nullptr ‘Alopex’ Fanzine Records

13. White label (Chicago)

14. Ryan James Ford ‘3Nvy’  Dub 

15. Canvax ’Rebooting’  Yay

16. 5lve, Samo DJ ‘End Game’ Trilogy Tapes

17. white label (unknown)

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