This week’s mixtape guest is London-based producer & DJ, 1-800 GIRLS. He’s a multi-instrumentalist having previously performed in live bands, before most recently self-releasing his new single “Looking Back”. You know the drill, we caught up with him to find out more about the mix…

So I’ve spent the last year or so focusing on building a live set, I moved out of London and up to Scotland into the hills in the middle of nowhere so I could focus on it.. so it’s been quite a long and slow process. The first gigs are at the end of October/early Nov so it’s in the final stages now though!

It’s a pretty emotional one and quite personal, a combination of old and new songs I wrote especially for the set – the first tracks ‘Looking Back’ & ‘Because Of You’ are out around the same time as the debut gigs at the end of the month – quite a few of the others forthcoming that can be heard in this mix too (no titles being revealed just yet though).

I recorded the mix at home on my living room set up, nothing too fancy just a couple of cdjs and some hifi speakers.

It was very much put together around alot of my unreleased stuff, so it’s sort of sad and sexy like most of my tracks. Genre wise I think it’s pretty eclectic but sonically I think it all sits within the same realm of emotive electronic sounds. Lots of stuff from family and friends in there too :).

Up next?

Next up is the live shows, the first of which is 24th October in Bristol, followed by a date in London on the 2nd November. There should be a run in the new year as well – hopefully with some visuals to align with the next release. Have quite a few new EP’s scheduled for the new year too which is exciting!


Lord Of The Isles & Ellen Renton – For a Burning World

Jennifur – When We Looked At Each Other

1-800 GIRLS – ???

1-800 GIRLS – By Your Side

Yunè Pinku – Heartbeat

Babystar – Miles (Babystar Version)

1-800 GIRLS – ???

Jasper Tygner – So Unknown (Feat Dj Boring)

1-800 GIRLS ???

Cameo Blush – Ultimate Grey

1tbsp – Material Boy

1-800 GIRLS – ???

1-800 GIRLS – Looking Back

Tropics – Idle Away (Aleksandir Remix)

Pepe – Goma (Prime Mix)

1-800 GIRLS – Because Of You

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This week’s mixtape guest is Otik. Over the last decade, Otik has released multiple records on labels such as Aus Music, Future Classic and Keysound Recordings, as well as having remixed the likes of Flume, Louf and Metronomy. We’re excited to have him join us at Drumsheds later this year, but first, we caught up with Otik to learn more about the mix and what he’s been up to.

I’ve been prepping a big musical project that I’ve been working on for a number of years. It’s something very personal to me so I’m excited but also quite anxious to set it free. As well as this I just got back from Prague this week after playing Lunchmeat Festival; a super immersive and eclectic event held at the national gallery with some amazing live A/V sets and DJs. I had a great time and caught some seriously good performances. Meuko Meuko and Voices From The Lake were some highlights for sure. I also recently started teaching 8-13 year olds music tech at some local schools which has been so fun, challenging and rewarding. It’s so great to have a hand in inspiring kids of that age to get into producing as I never had access to this kind of learning when I was that young.

The mix was recorded at my home in East London using my very limited home Serato set up. It can sometimes be jarring as the tech is so old and a bit flimsy but feels extra satisfying once I get the recording right.

The idea behind the mix was to sort of display a collage of all the different types of music that inspire me as a DJ and producer. The genres seem to go all over the place, but I made a conscious effort to run a thread through all of the tracks to make it sound as seamless as possible.

Up next?

Next I’ll be playing a string of UK shows this month, as well as finally releasing the project I mentioned earlier. I also have a handful of shows in December that I’m so excited for, including the Bicep Curate The Hydra event at Drumsheds that you guys were kind enough to make me a part of, and a large festival in India which will be my first time in the country. Both shows have seriously amazing line ups and I’m so grateful to be a part of them.


1. Villager – Floating (Unreleased)
2. Yaw Evans – N109
3. Andert Tysma – Children of Trinoom (Otik Edit) (Unreleased)
4. Dwells – Take Off Everything (Nimino Remix)
5. Big Ever – Hollywood
6. The Beat Usagi – Day Dreaming
7. Overmono – Blow Out
8. Sylvere – Ah Oui Ah Oui
9. Chief Keef – Citgo x Ninos (Cellvl ‘Bubble’ Blend)
10. Sewerslvt – Lexapro Delirium
11. Nathan Fake – Degreelessness (Overmono Remix)
12. X Club – Exertion
13. Tom VR – Heart Can Still Somersault (Forthcoming)
14. Otik – Sometimes The Nights Last For Months
15. Barker – Birmingham Screwdriver
16. Burna – Vai
17. Loraine James – Glitch The System
18. Yung Lain – Head Full
19. Otik – Cosmosis (Forthcoming)
20. Onoe Caponoe – Milkyway 1311 (Djrum Remix)
21. Yung Lain – Brainworms (feat. Telkin)

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On the mix this week we have the Montreal-based Québecois musician, Priori. He released his full-length debut On A Nimbus in 2019, and his more recent Your Own Power in 2021 on his own imprint NAFF, which was cofounded alongside Ex-Terrestrial. First up, we asked more about the mix and what he’s been up to.

Just got back from a long summer of shows in Europe and America. Excited to spend more time home and in the studio.

The mix was recorded on my couch using ableton live. Tried to not overthink it. Just some club tracks I’ve been enjoying lately.

And up next?

Playing at Making Time Festival in Philly and at Nowadays Nonstop in New York soon. Should be a fun weekend. Working on some new music. Reading. Eating hummus.

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This week we have SHEE as a guest on the mixtape. SHEE has released his most recent single ‘win your love’ via Second Phase Records and has been touring Ireland and the US. We caught up with him to find out more about the mix and what he’s been up to recently…

Recently I have been working on a lot of new music which this mix represents. I have just come back from a few amazing shows in Ireland, Vancouver and the US which were absolutely amazing!! I also just released one of my biggest singles to date entitled “win your love” on Second Phase Records which was a huge milestone in my career. 

The mix was recorded in the sitting room of my house with a cup of tea! nothing too wild or exciting here. The most exciting part for myself was trying to put all of my own tracks together to make an hour long mix. It was quite challenging but really fun at the same time. 

So the mix is 99% SHEE music which is made up of unreleased tracks, edits , collabs and mashups. I also have a few of my favourite Irish – produced tracks in there too. Making a mix with mainly all of my own music is a huge deal for me, as I normally wouldn’t be the most confident in playing my own music out. I wanted to use this opportunity to try and give listeners an example of my sound and my productions. Hopefully you will enjoy it!!

Up Next?

Next up I have a few massive gigs such as Electric Picnic and a few shows in London, Dublin and Edinburgh. At the end of this month I will be doing my first A/V collab with Visual Spectrum where I will be mixing my own productions together alongside live visuals which I’m really buzzed about.  Also have a few unreleased tracks in this mix that will be coming out soon. Im super excited for what’s ahead for me and this SHEE project!


SHEE – This Dance Isn’t Over(Intro Edit)

SHEE – All Night Untill We Find It

SHEE – Leaves

SHEE – Jiraya

SHEE – Mistakes You Have to Make

SHEE – Figure of Conscious

SHEE – They Don’t Know

Sloucho – Everything

SHEE – The Struggle of Just Being Us

Burial – Hiders(SHEE edit)

SHEE & Mike Sandcastle – Close Your Eyes

Camelphat – NYP2(mashup)

SHEE – win your love

Clams Casino – Im God(SHEE edit)

SHEE – I can’t escape

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On the mix this week we have Scarlett O’Malley, a West Londoner who’s making her mark around London. Scarlett not only is a bi-monthly resident on Rinse FM, but has recently released her debut EP ‘Scorpio Rodeo’ on her own label, Club Cowgirl. As usual, we fired over some questions about the mix and what she’s been up to recently…

Summer has been busy boiiiiiii! I’ve just been playing the festival circuit hard with a b2b of Glasto come Worldwide Festival come Love International and a ton of gigs up and down the country which have been fun! I definitely wanted to DJ more internationally this year and this has been the case which is amazing. Worldwide has definitely been the highlight of summer, playing the Theatre after Gilles Peterson was a bit of a dream come true. Feeling very grateful for all the incredible gigs I’ve played and all the places I’ve managed to see over the last 12 months. I’ve also been producing a lot, I’m currently *in flow* making tunes and loving it. I’ve featured a couple from myself in this mix which I adore and want to get out into the world. Other than that I’ve just been all over my bi-weekly Rinse FM residency which I loooove doing as I truly believe I was born to chat on a mic and spin tunes, and producing podcasts on a freelance basis… I’m an all rounder when it comes to audio.

This mix was recorded from my humble abode in Perivale, West London using my home set up which I’m very proud of as I have a full set up including cdjs, technics etc. but everything is second hand. I was DJing for years before I had any set up so glad I’ve built up my only prized possession through determination and a hustling nature haha.

An exploration through all the grooviest to heaviest sub-genres of house sounds is what I wanted to encapsulate. My base is in American soul music, particularly in Detroit and Chicago and I think that translates over to my taste when it comes to electronic music. I’ve got a lot of talented women in my life as well so wanted to showcase some tunes from those close to me including LADYMONIX, DreamrDreamr, Sally C and La La. This mix has everything from deep heavy soulful sounds, to minimal, to techno… whilst all being under the house music umbrella.

Up Next?

More gigs, making more tunes, more radio, more life! Oh and a couple gigs across Europe which I’m super excited about, just a few more festivals and hopefully a few more releases before the end of the year, vamos!

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