This week on the FMB Mixtape series, we welcome Rob Glasset, better known as Fold into the mix. Fold is a London-based producer and DJ, as well as owner of FLDIN2, long-standing resident at NTS and he also co runs East London’s Well Street Records. As always, we first caught up with Rob to find out about the mix & what he’s been up to lately…

Recently, I supported Overmono on the UK leg of their world tour. I’ve also been busy finishing off material to release on my newly launched label FLDIN2 – as well as co running Well Street Records with my old friend Sam Fussell.  Add an NTS Radio residency and a full time job of testing water in commercial buildings around London into the mix and it’s pretty mental at the moment.

I recorded this mix in my modest home studio – 2 x technics 1210’s, 2 x CDJ400 + 1 x DJM 250 – 2 channel mixer – apologies to the neighbours.

The main idea behind the mix is #Dubplateseason. Showcasing new and unreleased material from producers that I really rate + my own unreleased material. When I recorded the mix back in January I would say 50% of the tracks were demos or waiting to be mastered. The mix is centred around the current modernist, dark, UKG garage sound. But rather than being akin to the revivalist UKG movement that’s having a bit of moment, I’m more interested in the sounds that are pushing forward into a newer territory altogether. It seems a bit too easy to just replicate an old genre, I feel like progression and experimentation should be at the heart of any new production.

Aside from that there’s also some rare, forgotten gems in the mix as a reference point – bits that I would hear on Force FM as a teenager driving around in my Ford Escort. I also wanted to represent something that would just straight up bang in a club and move a crowd because I enjoy doing that too.

Up next…

Some UK gigs are lining up. Some remixes are on the horizon too. Lots of things are bubbling for Well street Records at the moment. But mostly, I’m looking forward to continuing to work on new FLDIN2 material as I’m really feeling inspired to operate in that space right now. I’ve got about 10 dubs I need to put the finishing touches on and get released.


  1. Granul – Sade

  2. Pent1 – ??? (Well St Records)

  3. Bloodhound – Point In Time

  4. Coido – Gamma 1

  5. 1TK – Bootroot

  6. XL Regular – XL Boogie

  7. Panix – Rudeboy (edit)

  8. Guigs – Everytime (edit)

  9. HAelix – Essence

  10. Veter3nz – Let It Go (Curry Mutton Mix)

  11. Buckley – ??? (Well Street Records)

  12. Coza – Dis one

  13. Arfa – Real Badman (Bakey Remix)

  14. Royal Flush – Thinkin

  15. Some Treat – Lost in Vegas

  16. JJ Louis – Overdrive (Untitled Mix 2)

  17. Beatfreaks – X Rated

  18. Forward Motion – Badmann

  19. Badboy – Badboy (2Step Mix)

  20.Blaze – Check one ft MC Juiceman

  21. Coza – Para

  22. Fold – ??? (FLDIN2)

  23. SPMC – Inside Looking Out

  24. Arfa – Transit

  25. El b – Bubble (Dub)

  26. Fold – ??? (FLDIN2)

  27. Fold – Billa

  28. Fold – ??? (FLDIN2)




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