This week on the FMB Mixtape series we welcome DJ wiggles, UK Based DJ and founder / curator of the event and mix series ‘Kinetic’. She leans into the soundscapes of dubstep, bass, techno & half time, paying homage to UK sounds, past and present. We first caught up to find out a bit about the mix & what she’s been up to lately…

I started the year off pretty busy & focussed but Aprils been a much needed slower month for me. We recently adopted a rescue dog so a lot of time has been spent on helping him adjust to his new life, and creativity levels have been fairly varied so I’ve tried not to push myself too much. Lots of walks, nature & wholesome activities – getting my fix before the summer & festival season begins.

The mix was recorded at home on 2 x xdj 700s, 2 x technic 1210s and a xone 23. I love my little set up, it’s super cosy – if I could transport my home set up with me everywhere I would, it’s a safe space for me for sure :) Ive also been trying to play more records again, so was really nice to have a bunch of stuff I could play for this.

I’ve had a bit of a rollercoaster start to the year & like many people, been feeling pretty emotionally drained. When coming up with a concept for this, I thought about what bicep’s music (and the platform) had meant to me when I was in my 20s, and settled on something emotional and nostalgic. This mix is in part a fairly raw response to how I’ve been feeling emotionally recently, but also a collection of some of my favourite records which I’ve loved for years and will love forever.

Dubstep can be a super emotional genre but it’s not something I hear out very often, or that I get a chance to play a lot so this felt like the perfect opportunity. This is my favourite kind of dubstep, the late night / early morning rollers which really tug on the heartstrings, tears in the club kind of vibe.

I have very nostalgic memories surrounding these records and it was both a pleasure and a challenge putting them together. I feel like a heavy weight has been lifted after recording this mix, so hopefully this evokes a similar emotion for the listeners.

Sad girl dubstep ✅

Up next…

I’ve got a few London shows over the next couple of weeks, starting with queens yard, planet wax & spanners. I also have my next kinetic event at ormside projects on the 17th with Struction, Jurango & Ryo Kurashina, as well as my Berlin debut at the end of the month before festival season kicks off! Other than that I’m just busy growing the kinetic brand, focussing on launching as a label with our first release due at the end of this year – watch this space!


1. Djrum – St Martin

2. Mala – I Wait, Part II

3. Congi – Rotation

4. Shackleton – Headcleaner

5. Pinch & Shackleton – Jellybones

6. Pinch – Widescreen

7. Pinch – Brighter Day ft. Juakali

8. Pinch – Elements

9. VOOCOO – Parry Dub

10. RSD – Kingfisher

11. Ramadanman – Blimey

12. Peverelist – Esperanto

13. Djrum – Plead With Me

14. Pangaea – Bear Witness

15. Asusu – Togetherness

16. Pangaea – Router



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