We’ve been huge huge fans of Rose records ever since then sent us an early promo of their first release and have always loved their melodic take on re-edits and nu-disco.

We’re over to moon to bring you a mix from one of the label’s stars, Luvless, who’s tracks we’ve been rinsing lots over the past few years. Before you check the mix, here’s a few words from the man himself about the mix, what he’s been up too and also got coming up…

Music-wise i recently finished several originals for labels like Razor-n-Tape, Deso and Diggin Disco Deep which will be available soon. I also did a couple of remixes for Sasse&Maurice Aymard, Jan Ketel and Pools. On my own label Rose Records, which i run with Martin Hayes and M.ono, we have two new records scheduled. Really looking forward to both of these. We teamed up with Oye Records for all future things distribution. Rose is very happy to be a part of this lovely family.

I fiddle around on tracks with Martin Hayes and M.ono at the moment. New projects for Fina and Long Weekend Records are also on the list. Besides i am planning fam-holidays and goin to the gym, doin some serious workouts as well. Actually i can benchpress something around 80Kg :)

I have recorded the mix in my living room, playing around with the Urei Rotary and my Bozak Isolator. It is always fun and often makes we wish i could turn up the volume just a little more.

I normally don´t think too much about my mixes in the first place. My current mood defines the tracks i choose or i have a certain track in mind i wanna start with and the rest goes with the flow. As usual i wanna include some unreleased stuff as well as all time favs and tracks i feel right now to create an organic flow with some ups and downs. This one´s actually a bit slower, but in the club i go a bit more uptempo at the moment.

My family is the most influential and important thing in my life. My „Turning Points E.P.“ on Rose Records and the „Part Of Me E.P.“ on Sleazy Beats, was created around these feelings i had once my daughter was born and the exciting time during pregnancy. They are my heart and it´s so great to spent time with them and some friends, talking about music and all other stuff while we have a great coffee or good food.

It was big fun to record the mix for our bicep lads and the radio show listeners. I hope you dig it.






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