For this week’s episode of the series, we’re happy to have SUCHI on the mix! The Oslo-born, London-bred, Delhi-influenced DJ and producer is based in Manchester, she hosts a monthly show on Boxout FM and is part of the South Asian collective Daytimers. As always, we first asked if she could tell us a bit about the mix and what she’s been up to recently…

I’ve been working on some music that is set to release later in the year. I’ve been taking it fairly easy so far, focusing on spending as much time in the studio before gigs start kicking off in spring. I moved to Manchester back in August, so I have been spending some time exploring the city too.

The mix was recorded in my apartment in Ancoats with a Pioneer DDJ-RB controller and Rekordbox. I’ve just been able to get my CDJ NXS2’s and mixer back to the UK after having to leave them in storage for almost two years in New York! I still haven’t set them up, so I had to record this mix on my tiny little (now discontinued) controller. This was the controller that got me into DJ’ing and holds a lot of sentimental value to me. So it felt nice to record a mix for a podcast I’ve been such a big fan of with the thing that opened a lot of musical doors for me.

I wanted to create a mix that showcased some really forward thinking South Asian producers that have caught my attention lately. Some are based in the UK, Pakistan and India and I find it so interesting to hear how their influences and environments affect their sounds. For example, I’m noticing that artists living in India and Pakistan are really pushing the envelope within electronic music and are churning out more experimental compositions, whereas artists in the UK are really finding that beautiful sweet-spot of sampling South Asian instruments or vocals and combining them with classic UK breaks and bass. There are also a few non South Asian artists in there who I love that have inspired a lot of the music I’ve been producing lately. The mix ranges from 111 BPM to 140 BPM and is packed with emotion and hard hitting percussion. Two things I’m very drawn to in my sound.

Up next…

I’ve got a few releases coming out in spring, one track that will feature on a very special compilation in March and a 2-track EP set to release in April. I’ve also got some really exciting shows lined up in the UK and Europe and we’re working on making my third India tour happen. Other than that, I’ll be spending time in the studio working on my third EP which will hopefully be released this autumn. So stay tuned :) 


  1. FILM – As above so below
  2. Uu003 – a1
  3. Zar – Rivulets
  4. SUCHI – Swift
  5. Breaka – Solaria
  6. Stones Taro – Magma Driver
  7. Iti – As time passes
  8. FKA Twigs – Pamplemousse (Sputnik One Edit)
  9. Baalti – Kirpa
  10. Monophonik – Time Flies
  11. Krithi  – Fissures
  12. Prismer – Babel 
  13. Works of intent – Winning dulls the pain
  14. Shameer – 333
  15. WRACK – Birds Disco (DJ Polo Remix)
  16. SUCHI – Seher
  17. SUCHI – Lotus (Priori Remix)



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