Joining us for this week’s episode of our FMB Mixtape series is Shauna, the DJ and Producer from Leeds. Shauna is a member of the SISU collective and she also has a number of residencies, including Liquid Orange on Steam Radio and No Photos On The Dancefloor on Alto Radio. As always, we first caught up with her to hear a bit about the mix and what she’s been up to recently…

March has been so busy! I’ve been playing around Leeds a lot and working on the follow up to my first EP Original Workout, which will be out on Vief records at some point this year. I’m also currently in my second year of a PhD exploring the experiences of female DJs, so I’ve been finishing off the analysis of interviews I did last summer.

I recorded the mix on the Pioneer DDJ-400 controller in the bedroom of my flat in Leeds on a Sunday evening after work (love you Released Records). I only recently upgraded to the DDJ from the Numark Mixtrack Pro I bought second hand when I first started DJing 6 years ago, I thought doing this mix was a good enough reason to treat myself to some new decks!

With this mix I wanted to platform as many women, non-binary, trans and queer producers as possible. There are lots of incredible DJs/producers from marginalised backgrounds pushing the scene forward right now, but they often don’t get the recognition they deserve because dance music is still dominated by straight, cis white men. A lot of the producers I’ve featured are members of collectives attempting to change this narrative by educating and inspiring up-and-coming DJs of marginalised genders, such as SISU, BLVSH, Not Bad For A Girl, Shifting Spheres and The Beatriarchy.

Sound-wise, the mix is very eclectic. Transcending genre boundaries, it encompasses house, techno, breaks, electro, and club – I can’t stick to just one genre. It starts off relatively house-y and descends into peak-time warehouse rave vibes. It also ended up being v queer, which seems to happen with everything I do!   

Up next…

I’ve got several releases coming up and loads of gigs in Leeds over the next couple of months. So far in April I’m playing at Transform festival, Freedom Mills supporting Culprate, and Belgrave opening for Planningtorock, who’s one of my favourite producers and a queer icon so I’m v excited! I’ve also got a few festivals booked over summer, inc. Holistic Missile in Wiltshire in August and Hidden Doors in June with SISU, which is a multi-disciplinary arts festival happening in the abandoned Old Royal High School in Edinburgh (Google it – it’s sick!). 


Ex.sses – Relic
Tito Fuego ft. Alexis Blair Penney – All My Love To The Planet
Zvrra – Dress
Ladymonix – Moments In Paris
Cherie Lily – Drip Drop (AiNSLEE Remix)
Acidfinky – BBQ Sauce on my Tiddies
Octo Octa – Cause I Love You
Shauna x Kahreign – Underdog (Extended VIP Remix)
Mobilegirl – Vivabass
Bun Lovin – Luna, My Darling
Bambi PVC – PVC (Hypnotic Mix)
Bored Lord – Bout A Bitch (Wristboi Remix)
Shauna – Mindshake
Mystique – Clear Your Head!
Vindya – Vaccination
Noemi – Tribal Dance
Shauna x Sauceress – ???
Taahliah – FMH (‘4X4’ Mix)
DaiSU – Foley Beat 29
DJ Fuckoff – Lick It
Elsa – ???



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