This week’s mixtape guest is Stevie Cox. She’s a resident at Glasgow’s Subculture and released her EP ‘Daydreamer’ last year via Remmah Records. We asked more about the mix and what Stevie’s been up to recently…

I’ve been battling some rather odd hairstyles growing out a shaved head. Thank god for wigs and hats! Aside from that, I’ve just finished a weekend of shows in Edinburgh and Aberdeen for Steel City Dance Discs, and some shows in Glasgow including a b2b with Domenic Cappello and another with Ewan McVicar. I’ve also been finishing some productions –  a moody debut solo release on Holly Lester’s awesome label Duality Trax for a PCRF fundraising compilation which is out now, and a remix for Ben Sims out on EPM in January, and my debut solo EP coming to you via Optimo Music on the 19th January. I also just finished a wee drum and bass number for Hammer’s label Remmah which will be out in April :) 

The mix is a musical love letter to the Sub Club in Glasgow. I’m lucky enough to be a resident there for Subculture, the world’s longest running house and techno night alongside Harri, Domenic and (the best DJ in the world ;) ) Telford. Subculture’s got a really specific sound and vibe – it’s emotional, hypnotic, directional and atmospheric – all the good stuff. The same people are in the crowd week in and week out, which makes it really special.

When I first got asked to do this mix I was initially going to submit a peak time hour live from the club, but the recording failed. Classic. I still wanted to use this mix to celebrate Subculture, so I approached it in the same way I’d play at the club on a Saturday night with the family – I made a wee playlist of tunes I’m feeling at the moment, hit record, had a boogie and went on a journey from warm up into peak time. So I guess this mix is what the warm up is like at Subculture as I ran out of time just as we hit the peak mark… anyway, warm ups are the hardest part of the night to get right but the most rewarding, and I think they translate to home listening quite nicely.

My friend Naomi told me she’d never met anyone who hated household chores more than me so hopefully if you find doing the laundry as boring as I do and need something to bop about the house to whilst you do that or some other tedious task, this mix makes it a bit more enjoyable for you. Hopefully you discover a new tune or artist you love as well. The mix features music from some great artists such as Forest On Stasys, and some unreleased numbers from Manakinz (Harri + Max Raskin) and myself.

And what’s next?

Next, I’m off to Berlin on the 9th December to play at Paloma Bar on a *hot* lineup to celebrate 3 years of SÄVY, a great label I really recommend checking out, then I’ve got my Subculture residency shortly after. Also really looking forward to banging it out on New Years Eve at La Cheetah with Djrum, Nightwave and loads more. Spicy lineup. Big shout out to Wardy for the invite there! Production wise – making some DnB with my amazingly talented pal Rob Etherson :-) 



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