To wrap up 2023, we have The Teknoist back on the mix. With a career that’s lasted over 20 years, Mike now heads up Ninja Columbo Records. We had a catch up to hear more about the mix & what he’s been up to.

Hiya! Since we last spoke, ive been doing exactly what i said i was going to do and get back to being neck deep in hardcore techno and breakcore. Ive released a couple of techno EP’s with Ben Pest and Cocktail Party Effect, a darkside DnB EP with Smyla and am just about to release a new hardcore techno EP with Dolphin. Iv also been trying to wrap up a techno EP for Sunil Sharpe, which tbh is a very big focus as im a huge fan of his and how he uses his presence in music. It’s almost there. Iv also moved house and studio, which after multiple mini breakdowns while i was in the midst of that, now i’m settled, in the new spaces, im finally rebuilding my positive habits, rituals and behaviours and am feeling like moving was and is a positive step for me in so many ways.

This mix was recorded on a modified DJ controller. An old Traktor Kontrol 2 but with a replaced optical innofader 2 and 2 X 10 inch vinyl attached by velcro on each platter. I modified/made it a few years ago, specifically as a ‘portable turntablism machine’. It’s actually the best controller I’ve ever scratched on. It trumps any modern CDJ/controller when it comes to cutting and scratching. I also used a Technics 1210 and Traktor Skratch as a 3rd deck. There’s quite a bit of turntablism throughout the mix so I thought I’d just use the ‘PSU’ (Portable Scratch Unit) to do all of this mix on. I recorded it in my new studio. As soon as I completed the rigmarole of setting up, wiring, positioning etc all of my music kit, this mix was top of my ‘To Do’ list.

Well, i dont think you guys have had an all out hard/break-core massacre on the mixtape series, have you? I wanted to represent the true sound of the most underground genres on the planet before someone came along and did a ‘novelty breakcore’ type set and that be the introduction to said genres to your unknowing regulars. These genres are what i made my name with and if i’m honest, it’s the reason i exist at all. They are constantly misrepresented and misunderstood. I truly believe that hardcore techno and breakcore are, when done right, are the most well produced and intricately brilliant genres in all of music. There is no energy like the energy in each of them, when the best of them are being played. A lot of people can’t or don’t want to hear the brilliance and beauty layered underneath the intense energy and all consuming drum beats. It’s also very rarely ‘cool’ to genuinely be into them. You don’t win points at 99% of after parties, during youtube roulette by putting on ‘Ultraviolent Junglist’ by Venetian Snares. So to be into it, you have to genuinely love it. You generally dont seem cool to regular people, showing them this music. You dont go to a core night to look cool and hook up with someone. There is zero posing. It’s that earnesty that makes it such a sweet scene and area of music. No limitations, no set tempos …pure freedom of expression by way of horrifying kickdrums lol. I could talk for hours on this :)

What are you up to next?

I covered a lot of this in the first question but along with what i said there, i’m still running the Grey Meta label with my 3 other partners. Coming up on that is some really exciting stuff. No genre limitations there and also a hot sauce that we’ve been working on with Khoo from Khoo’s hot sauce for maybe a couple of years now. It’s not just a ‘put our name’ on a product thing, Khoo has been a huge supporter of all of our music for decades and his insistence on creating something that fits us as an organisation really resonates with us and our belief that authenticity is paramount. Iv also got new releases on my original hardcore techno/breakcore labels ‘Ninja Columbo’ and ‘Our Fucking Jungle’ imminiently coming out. Also, a nice diary of gigs. I have to give a shout to my agent and friend, Ash Scheme Boy and his Varispeed agency here as without him and his work, i’d be lost, literally, in a big ASDA, every day. You try being my agent lol

So yeah, i hope your regulars open their curiosity barriers for this one …and if anyone has any questions, please hit me on my socials or email for booking enquiries

Thank you again for having me spread my wings a little, for the 2nd time this year and thank you guys for your constant interest and support. It means the world to me.

Peace and love





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