So now we finally have a bit of enforced downtime it seems like the perfect excuse to dust off the blog. A lot has changed in the ‘blogosphere’ since we started it back in 2008, we started this to share music with our mates, we feel our friends can do with sightly more than just a Spotify link over WhatsApp now we have some spare minutes.

Starting us off is one of my fav tracks off Souvlaki by Slowdive. Over the summer 19, I started to revisit old albums I hadn’t listened to in ages and when in my teens used to have in the car non-stop. This was one of them. More and more we have started to try and get a more ‘band’ approach when it comes to making music, so when I listened back to this after years it instantly had the fuzzy liveness that is pretty hard to get with electronic music. If in doubt just stick everything through a Re-501 or Space Echo and you get a small way to there, either way, love that sound and these guys encapsulate that on this record a lot.




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