Buzzin’ to have our good friends David, Ben and Nick join us at XOYO, hosting their legendary Studio 89 party! Originally based in Cardiff they would put on nights to just under 100 people in a hand built wooden basement club with the likes of Prosumer doing magically all night long sets. The vibe was special, unbeatable infact and now they’ve relocated to London and expanded massively.

We caught up with Ben to ask him what’s been happening…

We had a stage at Gottwood last month which was great, then I played at Glasto a couple of times for the block 9 crew, then onto the annual trip to garden which never fails and just finished that. Other than that just being a total idiot as normal and going about my daily stalking of andy, sorry matt.

The mix was recorded at my home in Bristol, all vinyl and at about 2am in the morning. I had had a bottle of malbec and felt like a mix, put the recorder on and this happened. Its a combo of old proper deep house records i love, some new balearic stuff that has just come out and some classic italo records that i hold dear to my heart.

We have a very exciting summer/autumn with studio 89, we are hosting room 2 at the Bicep residency with Marcel Vogel on July 18th, then an exhibition at simple things festival in bristol in October where we will be exhibiting all the artwork from this year that we have created on large A1 acetate lightboxes, it’s all pop art themed and we are selling framed prints on our website. We are also hosting a stage there which we do every year with an amazing lineup of friends. On top of that we have 3 events in london, one at Dance Tunnel on Sept 4th and 2 at The Colombian where we do most of our events and a couple of other bits and bobs here and there aswell.





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